Former Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg

Former Arsenal player Freddie Ljungberg was in Ho Chi Minh City last month to promote the Gunners’ upcoming clash with the Vietnamese national team on Jul. 17 in Hanoi. Photo by Alexandre Garel


BEING BACK AT MY FIRST LOVE… is a special feeling. It is such a great honour to work with Arsenal again and be an ambassador for the club.


16 YEARS LIVING IN LONDON… has resulted in me gaining a North London accent. London is home for me forever. I love living there.


MY BIGGEST REGRET… is not winning the European Cup (Champions League) in my time at Arsenal. Without being cocky, we did have a really great team, but we just didn’t get the luck at the right time.


I AM UNSURE… about my future, but I do know I will be travelling around the world representing the club. I literally just signed the contract and if we both feel comfortable with it, we can continue for a few years I hope.


ARSENE WENGER… is like a father figure to me and we have a great relationship, even now. I hope to meet him for lunch soon to have a chat.


THE CALVIN KLEIN ADVERTS… came about after I said no to them for such a long time as I wasn’t interested. But they persuaded me. They said this was more than just a normal advert and all the stars were involved. It was certainly a smart career move after my initial hesitation.


I TOOK A LOT OF STICK… on the football terraces when I was doing my modeling, but it is all good fun. Most fans who talk to me are so polite and friendly.


THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE… are the nicest people I have ever met. I loved my time in Scotland and I am just a little disappointed it was only a short stay.


A LOT OF FOOTBALLERS… come up to me and say, ‘I was talking to you on your blog.’ I say, ‘Sorry it wasn’t me.’ I have never written a blog in my life and only recently started a Twitter account. A lot of people pretend to be me on blogs.


Arsenal will be playing Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi on Wednesday Jul. 17. The match kicks off at 7pm. For more information go to 

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