Jameson Vietnam Brand Rep, Lead singer for James and the Van Der Beeks facebook.com/jamesandthevanderbeeks. Despite having been in Vietnam for less than a year, Adrian has made a mark — organising cool events like the Jameson Jam at Saigon Outcast, fronting dance punk prodigies James and the Van Der Beeks and slapping Jameson logos up on event posters everywhere he goes. 


Show I’m really excited about: It has to be The Melting Pot out in Saigon Outcast, Jun. 7 and Jun. 8. Live music, dance and artisan stalls showcasing the variety of talent in this city, all in the name of charity. Good karma all round!


Best nights out last month: The Cairos at Cargo Bar and Postiljonen at La Fenetre Soleil. It’s always good when international bands drop by! And when there are such great local acts like Space Panther, James and the Van Der Beeks and the Secret Asians to support, you know you’re in for a good show!


Best meal from last month: Bringing it back to basics with some home cooking of late.


Funniest YouTube clip of the month: I don’t really browse or stumble upon anything on YouTube. If I’m looking for some humour I usually go for Irish comedian Dylan Moran. Stand-up comedy at its best.


Song I can’t get out of my head: Shameless plug but I can’t get our (James and the Van Der Beeks’) new song Window Creepers out of my head. It’s a working title — which will probably change multiple times just to make it difficult on us.


I wish this band would come to town: A Plastic Rose, amazing Irish band and great friends of mine, two birds with one stone! If they’re busy, I would definitely be happy if Tom Waits dropped by.


How the scene is going in general? At this stage it feels like the scene has surpassed the audience. There are so many wonderful passionate people involved in pushing the scene forward, and I would love to see more of a turnout to support these hard working class heroes.


The best secret in town is: The rules of the road. And the Jameson Jam on Friday at Saigon Outcast never fails to surprise me with the talented musicians that turn up.


Where I go when I go out on my own: I used to love driving around on my scooter at night. If I’m going out on my own I’ll try to find somewhere I can embrace that.


If my older-yet-still-cool Mom came to town, I would take her to: Some nice restaurants in town, followed by the phrase “this one’s on me”. Not that I need to flatter my Ma, eating out is just so affordable here.

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