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Importing a tried-and-true pool party formula from Taipei, Saigon Soul has splashed onto the Saigon scene with the help of its founder, Dallas Waines. After a successful first season at the New World Hotel, the second season is kicking off on Nov. 22, and running every Saturday through May 9


Upcoming show I’m really excited about


The Saigon Soul Opening Fiesta with eight DJs and a tonne of prizes for our guests on Dec. 6. Our first season was such a surprise success that we have so much more planned for this year.


Best night out last month


Hitting four different venues and ending up on Bui Vien with the sun coming up.


Best meal from last month


My girlfriend and I made homemade ravioli. What a colossal, time-consuming pain. It was delicious but from now on I am going to Ciao Bella.


Thing I posted on Facebook that got the most likes


Asking for DJ talent for Saigon Soul. These posts always spark a good conversation, but finding quality in Vietnam is a tough task.


Funniest Youtube clip of the month


“Key and Peele point out why texting is stupid.” You will laugh yourself silly.


Song I can’t get out of my head


Can’t Do Without You — Caribou


I wish this band would come to town

I am a huge Arcade Fire fan, so seeing them come to Vietnam (although near the pinnacle of unlikeliness) would be quite awesome.


How is the scene is going in general?


Things seem to be improving all the time. Better DJs are coming and promoters are taking more risks with quality house music that isn’t mainstream. At Saigon Soul we try and keep things underground and most of our guests appreciate that. Hopefully we can set some trends in this regard.


The best secret in town is


Urban Kitchen was a secret but the word might be out.


Where I go when I go out on my own


Blanchy’s at night and my pool for some afternoon relaxing.


If my older-yet-still-cool Mom came to town, I would take her to


When she comes here in February I will take her to OMG, Xu and of course Saigon Soul. She can handle the down and dirty Bui Vien, but it’s best to show her some class.

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