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One-third of the Nam Jam Collective, Luke headed here from the UK four years ago and has been laying the disco on Hanoi ever since. With fellow DJ Andy Crompton, Nam Jam has hosted regular nights at Madake and Zone 17, and will be branching out for the weekend-long Quest showcase at Ba Vi next month.


Show I’m really excited about: Quest. The best gig I ever played was the last Quest, and this one is going to be so good.


Best night out last month: Last Saturday, Cyberkulture at Hanoi Rock City. There was glitter, a podium, lots of LEDs. I didn’t even go dressed up and I came out of it dressed up. Those are always the best parties. I woke up in the morning with LEDs stuck all over my body.


Best meal from last month: Mien luon. That’s fried eel with noodles. I had it for the first time last month in the Old Quarter across from Hang Da Galleria.


Thing I posted on Facebook that got the most likes: “First attempt at a beard trim has gone terribly wrong. Bye bye beard, you warmed my face and were a furry friend to me through the cold cold nights of winter.” — 18 likes


Funniest Youtube clip of the month: The ‘First Kiss’ parody — two strangers meet and give each other a really romantic experience.


Song I can’t get out of my head: I Don’t Wanna Wait by Quivver, the Ben Delay remix. It gives me hope for sunshine. It’s a very sunny song.


I wish this band would come to town: Fleetwood Mac reunion.


How is the scene going? Exciting! Events are getting more ambitious. Local DJs are putting out some fantastic music. Compared to two or three years ago, it’s incredible.


The best secret in town is: How nice Long Bien District is. If you want to get out of the city, it’s like a little village.


Where I go when I go out on my own: I go for walks. I walk around and around Lang Yen Phu. Oh, I go to the gym now. Put that one in for the ladies.


If my older-yet-still-cool mum came to town, I would take her to: The banana island in the middle of the Red River. It’s chilled, it’s nice.

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