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In between stewarding the nascent Kujuz Café empire, designing clothing and curating spaces, Chuong Dang finds time to go on some dates. Photo by Francis Xavier


My best quality is... optimism. I used to go through a lot of struggle in my life, and then I realised that the next day is coming in 24 hours. And no matter what you feel or think or worry, that day is going to come.


My interests are... what works for that conversation, and for those people. I can’t just tell a story. Like if I met a person with blue eyes, I could just keep saying, “Oh my god, the blue eyes are killing me, I’m just so into that, I’m crazy about that.” I’m not telling lies. I have that. But I don’t do that with people who don’t have blue eyes.


I’m into... living. That’s something that’s hard to make clear. But for the moment, I just know two people. The only two people that are important to me are the ones who are sitting in front of me.


My ideal date... is a very interesting concept. No matter if I’m with someone, if I have a partner or not, I always keep dating people. When I feel down, when I’m worried, when I’m sad, when I feel lonely, I’m always dating people. And I prepare for those dates.


Dates that don’t go anywhere... I stop right away. Because I don’t want to feel bad — you don’t want to have bad experiences when you date. So I just close it down.


The first thing that people notice about me are... my eyes. I have a rule: I only send honesty and love through my eyes. And right away. When I see people, that’s me.


Six things I can’t live without... I don’t have those six things. I used to have my pillow that my sister made for me, and I travelled everywhere. And I realised one day — why do I have to do that? And I moved on.


I didn’t study Zen... but I learned it in some special way. It happened a long time ago, I met with an Indian master. When he met me, he said, “You know you have energy, you have special energy in your body. Do you know that?”


By some way of living, I know things, I feel things and I feel that kind of freedom. So the Zen for me is just like that. I can do meditation everywhere. I don’t prepare a room where I can sit with no sounds. If I want, I close my eyes and I hear nothing.


Dating online... I’m just me. This is the logic. People who get into that website are people who have the same thinking, needs and concepts like mine. So why do I have to hide in that corner? It’s just so unfair.


If you come into my profile and you see me, that’s just me. If you don’t go there, then you’ll never know I’m on there.


I always... live my age. When I was young, all the children wanted to grow up fast. I didn’t. I enjoyed 14, 15, 16 — I was just so happy.


When I started ageing, people told me, “Why don’t you shave, you’re going to look younger?” I said, “Why do I need to look younger? I need to look attractive, sexy, good — but not younger!”


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