A New Year: A New You?

There are always a lot of articles out at this time of year talking about resolutions and achieving great things in the New Year. Is it just because it’s a ‘new’ year — essentially a day after yesterday, which just happens to show a new number on the calendar? Or is it because people actually want change?

What we find is people who succeed in making change do so when they are ready to. A new year might give you that little motivational opportunity of starting fresh, but on its own it’s not enough. To be successful you must want that change. You need to be sick of your current state of health, energy levels, performance or appearance — which “lights a fire in your belly” to finally make you do something about it. People who make New Year’s resolutions without that fire or passion will fall by the way side.


Real Talk


Gym memberships go through a boom period between January to March, with thousands of people signing up. But three months later, half no longer use their memberships — if they did at all. The fact that only approximately 10 percent of people actually achieve their goals over a 12-month period says something about how we set goals and go about achieving them. Ask yourself, “Will I be in the 10 percent who succeed or the 90 percent who fail?”


People can ‘want’ change but not be ready to make the so-called ‘sacrifice’ to achieve their wants. To lead a healthier, happier and more energetic life, the so-called sacrifices are far outweighed by the benefits. Yes, you will have to give up the sugar and chemically-ladened fizzy drinks, processed foods and junk foods that cause you to feel lethargic, depressed, mentally clouded and just down-right toxic. But it will be a struggle, because these beverages and foods are so sugar-filled and chemically-loaded that if you consume them regularly you will be addicted to them.


If you think that ‘addiction’ is too strong a word then just wait and see what happens when you take them away! You’ll get energy swings, mood swings, headaches, acne, you’ll feel stressed, tired and more than a little jittery while your body attempts to eradicate the toxins from your system. We are an intelligent species who have been brainwashed, lied to and fed crap by the food industry in the name of profit.


The first step to change and better health is to choose to do something about it. The simple fact is if you choose to change the way you eat you will automatically change the way you feel.


So, the question remains — why do so many people fail? I believe it comes down to whether the right questions are being asked, and answered, when setting these resolutions or goals. It is best to ask yourself questions rather than make statements, as questions provoke the subconscious mind. Subconscious pictures are quite often what hold people back from achieving their goals. How you see yourself is also related to the habits you possess and what you deem appropriate behaviour.


The Right Questions


Start your 2014 health and fitness goals by asking the following questions:


1) Is this what I really want? Is this what I am really passionate about?

2) Am I ready for change?

3) Can I commit to this?

4) How will I feel in my new, improved body?


Tips for Success


If your goal gives you real passion then you must plan… not just plan your actions but plan methods of motivation, inspiration and support. Here are five tips to put into action that will exponentially increase your chances of health and fitness success.


1) Focus on six to 12-week time periods

2) Treat yourself at the end of each cycle. Create a reward system. Do not reward yourself with food — you are not a dog!

3) Remind yourself of your goals / targets every day. Ask yourself questions about how will you feel when you succeed or what new things you’ll do when you succeed

4) Inspiration. Choose a role model, stick inspirational photos and quotes to the fridge, bathroom and workplace walls

5) Support. Hang out with people who have succeeded, who are determined to succeed or who are willing to help you succeed


2014 could be the year you achieve your desires. But first, be sure you put some real thought into it and plan accordingly.


Phil is founder and master trainer at Body Expert Systems. Contact him on 0934 782763 or at his website, bodyexpertsystems.com, or through Star Fitness, starfitnesssaigon.com

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Phil Kelly

Phil is an avid sportsman and loves most things fitness. With the final realisation that he would not be an All Black, he turned his full focus to studying the human body in regard to improving movement and posture, developing strength, function and performance, as well as scrutinising the conventional wisdom of nutrition for fat loss and performance. He loves challenging the 'norm' and is dedicated to the prosperity and health of his clients and the community. He has a mission to educate and empower people to "be all they can be" by providing accurate, research proven and industry leading information. 

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