I take supplements. They are my insurance policy for health and optimal recovery from stress and exercise. However, there are so many supplements that claim miracle benefits that just aren’t true. To help make your 2017 as healthy and productive as possible here are my top four essential supplements.


Super Green


Most people’s diets are lacking in vegetable consumption. Vegetables are the essential factor in our diets. The colours of vegetables are derived from a variety of chemicals called antioxidants. These chemicals are almost exclusively found in plants. They are only present in animal-based foods to the extent that animals eat them and store a small amount in their own tissue. Plants produce these antioxidants to fight free radicals (compounds that destroy healthy cells — basically causing the aging process) and protect healthy cells.


Here’s the thing; we do not naturally build shields to protect ourselves against free radicals. Fortunately, the antioxidants in plants work in our bodies the same way they work in plants. We need to eat plants to borrow their antioxidant shields for our cells, and thus our health.


Unfortunately, in modern times the vitamin and mineral quality of vegetables has reduced. In the fast-paced world our consumption of vegetables has also reduced, hence the need for a Super Green supplement. A super green drink provides all the micro-nutrients the body needs — many of which help us lose fat either directly or indirectly. Good quality Greens drinks have shown to increase the antioxidant status of the body, improve pH, lower stress hormones, and more.




We generally need to rebalance the ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which has been upset by all the vegetable oil, junk food and poor quality grain-fed, chemically laden animal products consumed in the diet. The benefits of Omega-3 are vast and include; reduced pain and inflammation, better brain function, improved memory, recall, protection against depression, protection from heart attack and stroke, reduction of menstrual pain, and many more.


The best impact is that it turns off the fat-storing mechanisms and turns on the fat-burning mechanisms. When purchasing an Omega-3 supplement check the ingredient list to ensure it is free of carrier oils like soy.




It’s very difficult to lose weight and be healthy if you don’t have a healthy gut for two interrelated reasons.


1) If your gut is not healthy, it will negatively affect the production of the neurotransmitters, leading to poor cognitive function, low mood, feelings of depression, and low motivation. A bad outlook and lack of drive will make you less motivated to exercise and take the action necessary for you to make progress toward reaching your goals.


2) Gut health is essential to improve digestion and help you feel better. You will actually feel more energetic because your neurotransmitters will be firing at optimal levels, and your metabolism will be supported so that nutrients and energy sources are getting broken down, absorbed, and used by the body in the most effective manner. Additionally, research shows probiotic supplementation helps lower anxiety and stress levels, which leads to less secretion of cortisol (the hormone related to abdominal fat).




Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients needed by the human body. Magnesium is involved in at least 300 essential biochemical reactions, including protein synthesis, testosterone production, insulin sensitivity, calcium absorption, and regulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Plus, magnesium has been shown to enable the metabolism of vitamin D, meaning it is essential for bone health and treatment of osteoporosis.


Research suggests that magnesium deficiency is a big contributor to an enlarged waist. Magnesium plays a very important role in glucose regulation, it has the ability to decrease inflammation and anxiety, lower cortisol, improve HDL cholesterol levels, and adequate levels are absolutely critical for a lean body. These are the most valuable points highlighting the essential role of magnesium in weight management and health.


Be careful when choosing your supplements. Here are some general guidelines to help you select a high-quality dietary supplement:


1) It should be as close as possible to its natural (whole food) form.


2) What certifications or industry standards for quality control has the product undergone? Look for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certifications.


Be an informed consumer and if in doubt talk to a health professional who does not have a vested interest in any product or supplement brand.


Phil is founder and master trainer at Body Expert Systems. Contact him on 0934 782763, at his website bodyexpertsystems.com or through Star Fitness (starfitnesssaigon.com)

Phil Kelly

Phil is an avid sportsman and loves most things fitness. With the final realisation that he would not be an All Black, he turned his full focus to studying the human body in regard to improving movement and posture, developing strength, function and performance, as well as scrutinising the conventional wisdom of nutrition for fat loss and performance. He loves challenging the 'norm' and is dedicated to the prosperity and health of his clients and the community. He has a mission to educate and empower people to "be all they can be" by providing accurate, research proven and industry leading information. 

Website: bodyexpertsystems.com

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