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Talent is the most important, tricky, valuable and invigorating part of every company’s makeup. Without the right people, a company cannot perform, grow or succeed.

Vietnam’s economy has grown by 5 percent in the first half of 2014, but maintains an unemployment rate of 2 percent. In numbers, there are 1.5 million fresh graduates entering the labour market every year — but 21 percent of university graduates aged 20 to 24 years old are jobless. College graduates have to work as blue-collar workers, and there is great pressure to generate enough job opportunities for them.


The role of HR is becoming more important in matching the right people with the right jobs. Using external recruiters can be an effective way to reach top talents, as part of a broader recruitment programme.


A Good Recruiter Relationship


As a prospective employee, are you uncertain what to expect from your recruiter or what you should be doing on your side of the table? An effective relationship should be more than your recruiter sending out resumes (or CVs) and getting you interviews. The best recruiters not only source talent, but act as consultants throughout the process by alerting you of important hiring trends based on their years of experience and exposure to a variety of companies.
But building a good relationship is a two-way street and there are actions both you and your recruiters need to take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your partnership. Here are the top five things you should both be doing to ensure your partnership is successful.


Proactive consulting. Recruiters live and breathe the job market, and the good ones constantly give advice on the marketplace’s situation, and feedback from companies about positions of need.


Customised talent solutions. Finding the right job is more than just matching skills and experience — it is often equally important to find the right cultural fit. As a professional recruiter, they will spend time understanding the company’s environment and your expectations, and suggest the best way forward.


Effective candidate screening. Before sending job candidates to a company, good recruiters will coach the candidate about the organisation and the position they’re interviewing for. Unless the candidate meets agreed upon criteria, they will not send them to the interview, saving time and increasing trust.


Being responsive. Returning your calls, evaluating job descriptions in a timely manner and arranging interviews should be their top priorities.


Being time-effective. Recruiters shouldn’t waste the time of either candidates or clients, and should always seek feedback after every interview.


As Far As You’re Concerned


You should consider their advice carefully. While your recruiter may not always find you the right job and you may not always agree with their suggestions, they are experts in the process. Be open to their ideas about job expectations, or about changing benefits packages. They know what other candidates are looking for and what companies are offering, so their advice can be very valuable.


By being engaged, informed and actively managing the process, you can make the recruiter’s job — finding the right job for you — much easier and more successful.


Nicola Connolly is the general director of Adecco Vietnam and chairwoman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

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Nicola Connolly

Country Manager of Adecco Vietnam and co-founder of the Vietnam Employment Agencies Federation, Nicola Connolly has been in Vietnam for 10 years and is highly respected within Vietnam’s HR community. When she’s not actively lobbying the government on positive changes in the country’s employment legislation, Nicola enjoys spending her time reading or watching her favourite TV shows. You can follow her on: twitter.com/nicolaconnolly33

Website: www.adecco.com.vn

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