The SnapBack is the latest trend to hit new mothers in modern-day society. While I am all for mothers regaining their figure back, the SnapBack has mothers wanting to miraculously lose their baby weight within weeks of giving birth.

Mothers, please be kind to yourself and your body and especially your baby. I understand that being unable to fit into your old pair of favorite jeans or never being able to ever wear a bikini again because of stretch marks or uneven breasts is a trauma within itself, never mind the havoc wreaked internally. But you need to remember that your body has just done the most incredible thing the human body can do. You’ve given life to another. You produced a little miracle all within your womb and brought it into this world.


I understand that in today’s world, we are overwhelmed with models and celebrity mothers who seemingly lose the weight overnight. Not remembering that these women have money and trainers at their disposal. And that their body is their brand, is their livelihood. Stop comparing yourself to this unrealistic standard of what a woman should be. Don’t make a comparison with somebody else today; make a comparison with yourself yesterday.




I may not agree with losing the weight hours after giving birth, but women generally fall into three categories.


1) You’ve got a little baby pouch you want to get rid of and just haven’t found the time


2) You’ve let yourself go.


3) You’re obese.


The Weight Loss Journey


These are not easy truths to read, but if your child is 12 years old and you’re still blaming them and your husband, and holding onto old resentments and weight, perhaps now is the time to make a change. You must remember it took nine hearty months to put on this weight, so take those same nine months to lose the weight.


Trying fads, and quick-fix, lose-the-weight and you can eat anything you like diets will only have you feeling worse about yourself and probably gaining more weight. What you need is a sustainable lifestyle change.


Embarking on any new venture is difficult, and doing this alone will be harder, so here are a few tips to help you begin and maintain your weight loss journey.




— First and foremost begin with my personal favourite, PP method. Plan and Prepare. Plan your meals for the week, so you know what you’re going to eat. This way you can avoid unhealthy snacking, or fast food / take-outs because you’re too tired or can’t think of anything to eat or prepare.


— My second favourite motto, look at the body you want, look at the food you’re eating, and adjust accordingly. Stay away from soda, sweets, sugar and the kind of food you know is bad for your body.


— Ask your husband or friend to join you. You can support each other and watch what you eat and have someone there to help you and hold you accountable to your weight loss journey.


— Drink lots of water.


— You have to do some form of exercise. You don’t have to compete in a marathon, but walk to the supermarket instead of using your motorbike, or cycle there. If you’re going to get a slice of cake after lunch as a naughty treat, you’d better walk to get that cake, enjoy it and walk back.


— Invest a small amount of money, if you have it, in either joining the gym, or starting a Zumba or spinning class. If you have the money, why not employ a personal trainer to help you along the way?


— It’s always a good idea to see a nutritionist to help you devise a realistic and sustainable meal plan.


— Decide how much weight you want to lose. Say you want to lose 12kg. Then set yourself up for six months or one year. Either 2kgs a month, that you lose and keep off, or 1kg a month, that you lose and keep off. It sounds like a long time, but would you rather try losing 7kgs in two months, possibly succeed by starving or using a very unhealthy diet. Give up and gain 12kgs more, or do it the right way, the healthy way?


Losing weight is not easy. You’ve just given birth. Be gentle to yourself when looking in the mirror. You have a healthy baby, and a loving partner. These are the important things in life. Remember to be present and enjoy them.


If you would like more tips or would like to read about my personal journey please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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