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Aug 13, 2018
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Jun 08, 2018


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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 20:12

Getting Noticed for Tomorrow’s Top Jobs

We all spend on average 12 years of our lives in formal schooling, educating ourselves about mathematical concepts, from algebraic equations to measuring the angles of a triangle. We learn about the history of our country and the difference between a verb and a noun; we are taught what happens when oxygen collides with hydrogen, and we are told what people in different parts of the world eat and wear.

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Wednesday, 04 March 2015 20:50

Science Project

Having an art teacher with a graffiti artist spouse can work to a school’s advantage

Published in Briefings
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:40

Making School Lunches Healthier

Healthy lunches
A group of Year 6 students at the Australian International School (AIS) have compiled a healthy eating blog as part of a school project. The idea is to improve the quality of their school lunches which the three, erstwhile health fiends believe could be a lot better.
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 19:25

Vở nhạc kịch Mamma Mia

Học sinh trường quốc tế Úc là những đứa trẻ có năng khiếu - hay ít nhất là có 45 triệu người trên thế giới đồng ý với chúng.

Published in The Tieng Viet
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 17:00

Mamma Mia!

The kids of Australian International School have good taste — or at least 45 million people worldwide agree with them.

Published in What's On
Monday, 06 January 2014 07:14

AIS: Babies Edition

AIS Child Care

Australian International School has just developed a childcare programme in Thao Dien for kids two years and younger, to support busy working parents. Situated in the safe and secure Xi Riverview Palace compound, the Early Childhood Centre now offers a stimulating and nurturing environment for infants as young as three months, toddlers and pre-school children up to five years of age.

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 09:12

Netball For Everyone

Saigon Shooters

Getting active just got a little bit easier, with Saigon Shooters hosting an open night on Sep. 9. The night will include a free ‘taster’ session of netball, plus opportunities to get started with Saigon Shooters’ Monday night league. Male and female participants aged 16 and up are welcome, regardless of ability.

Published in Ho Chi Minh City
Thursday, 02 May 2013 13:47

The Last Call

Thuy Nguyen

Business woman, mother and educator Thuy Nguyen is general director of Australian International School (AIS), and one of the guiding forces in our city’s education scene. She tells the story, and where it goes from here. Photo by Alexandre Garel

Published in Features
Friday, 02 November 2012 09:31

The Merger

ACG International School Vietnam and Australian International School have decided to merge the two schools.

Published in Just In
Monday, 05 January 2009 04:36

Battle of the Bands


Saturday 29 November 2008 - probably not an especially important day in the lives of most, but for 16 teenagers this was a monumental occasion and, more specifically, the culmination of a lot of hard work. This may have been Loreto Fest, but it was also the day when the sports field at RMIT witnessed a musical battle.


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