Follow your bliss, says Joseph Campbell. But what if our bliss has outmaneuvered us and the mundane routines of life have left us feeling less than joyful. How to get our mojo back? Better still, how not to lose it in the first place?


Fill Your Energy Tank


Bliss is a high-energy frequency. In order to keep up with it we need to ensure our energy levels are high. Sleep, exercise and a healthy diet are all essential ingredients in establishing a balanced state of wellbeing with elevated energy levels.


An adequate supply of energy allows us to pursue the activities that bring us joy. These will be as unique to the individual as there are activities to choose from. For some, skydiving may be the spark to ignite their joy, for others it may be sitting down with a good book, or taking a stroll around the neighbourhood.


Express Your Creativity


We are free to be creative with how we find our joy and express it. In fact we are called upon to be co-creators of our reality. We are not meant to be passively experiencing life, having it slip by us. We are presented each day with a fresh canvas upon which we are invited to express the uniqueness of our being, and each day we choose our own expression.


Choosing positive thoughts allows us to stay in an energy frequency of joy. Our thoughts have been proven to affect our external environment. By focusing on peace and positivity, small groups of meditators have been found to reduce crime rate in the greater population.


Cultivate Contentment


Positive thoughts not only affect the external environment, they also affect our internal state of being. Positive thinking allows us to cultivate joy and contentment, and according to research, allows us to enhance skill sets and resourcefulness.


A couple of tools to help keep thoughts on the positive end of the continuum are meditation, and play. Whether a meditative state comes easily or not, taking even five minutes a day to be in stillness can have a favourable impact on many areas of our life. Play is a concept that some may also find challenging. It is often regarded as an activity for children, but when the frequentness of a child’s laugher is compared to that of an adult’s, the importance of play in adulthood becomes starkly apparent.


Live Your Joy!


It is our inherent right to be joy-full even when life becomes challenging. Creating opportunities to bring levity to our day helps us maintain our joie de vivre. We are thus enabled to rediscover the awesomeness that surrounds us every second of the day, never allowing our bliss to escape us.


Karen Gay, A-Roaming Bodyworker, is a holistic health practitioner practicing in Hanoi. For information on the types of services provided, visit

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