One of the things I love about living in a foreign country is learning more about the cultural significance of the routines of daily life, as well as the meanings of festivities and ceremonies.

This month’s Moon Festival is one I have experienced many times but beyond the endless eating of moon cakes, the lantern making and lion dances, I knew little of the fact that the Mid-Autumn Festival, by which it is also known, is a celebration centred around children.


Reportedly a time for parents to catch up with their children after the summer harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a time to recognize children for their innocence and purity.


It is believed that only those possessing these qualities can get close to the natural and sacred world. The goal therefore is to become like children in order to acquire the attributes of the gods.


Our Inner Child


I can’t help but draw upon the parallels of the many spiritual teachings that urge a person to connect with their inner child. We are encouraged to not only find our inner child but also to embrace it, heal it, and release it. Why is our inner child so important?


From a psychological standpoint, our base emotions stem from our inner child, therefore working through any unresolved childhood issues will help us to lead a more harmonious life.


From a spiritual perspective, the inner child represents who we truly are, the innocent, joyful being that came into this world. Unfortunately, in the growing up process too many of us lose touch with that source of innocence and wonderment.


The Secret


To help reconnect to this vital source of joy, retry some of the things that brought you fun and laughter as a child; take the time to absorb the beauty in your surroundings; listen to your heart, break free of any restrictions that limit the fullness of who you are. These are but a few suggestions on how to rediscover your inner child.


Just as we find it natural to foster and nurture children’s imaginations, their enthusiasm and joy, so too should we aim to nurture these qualities as adults. “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of childhood into maturity,” said evolution theory advocate, T.H. Huxley.


God Within


This Moon Festival join the lion dances, make some lanterns, eat lots of moon cakes and embrace life with the enthusiasm and joy that is inherent within us.
The Greek origin of the word, ‘enthusiasm’ means to have God within. What better way to acquire the attributes of the gods than to be full of enthusiasm.
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