The Alchemist: Balancing Energy

This month, Karen Gay, holistic health practitioner, discusses the need to balance male and female energies


The sun, in most cultures, is associated with masculine energies. With the heat of the summer upon us I thought it would be a good time to write about the qualities of these energies and the need for balance of both the masculine and feminine energies in our lives.


In the metaphysical and spiritual realms there is much talk of a paradigm shift in which we as a human race are moving more towards feminine-based values on our path to enlightenment. These proclamations are often made to dismiss the need for the masculine energies that have long reigned the world. And while, yes, we as a species need to fully embrace a more loving, compassionate and nurturing way of interacting with each other, this cannot be done at the expense of the masculine energies that both males and females possess.


Balancing Act


Each individual possesses both masculine and feminine energies. Our challenge has been to find the balance of these qualities in our lives. As women strove and continue to strive towards achieving equality in society, it has often been attempted by suppressing their feminine qualities and taking on more masculine personas, essentially trying to become more male-like.


Meanwhile, men are often asked to get in touch with their feminine side and they struggle to grasp what that means exactly. Cultural expressions like ‘be a man’ help perpetuate the archetypal male — strong, silent, dominant. If according to psychologist Carl Jung we have archetypal behaviours embedded within us and these ‘blueprints’ are the foundations for our personal experiences and interactions, we will need to lay down a more balanced blueprint from which to operate.


Mirror Images


Unbalanced masculine energies can appear to be cold, forceful and dominating. Unbalanced feminine energies can appear as weak and submissive. When the two energies are in equilibrium, however, the qualities complement each other, and whether male or female, the individual will express all the qualities of caring, nurturing, compassion, and love equally with strength, power and action.


Each of these qualities has its mirror image in the masculine and feminine energies. If we are to fully attain this new paradigm shift we are trying to achieve, we will need to collectively mirror and reflect these balanced energies in one another.


We are all expressions of both energies and when we come to realise this we will be less likely to judge or place blame for another’s actions. We will also move closer to living in harmony and in a more peaceful world.

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Karen Gay

A true global citizen, Karen has lived and travelled overseas for more than 20 years. Her current journey has led her down the rabbit hole. She's not sure she'll resurface. You can follow her on and


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