I was recently asked to provide healing to animals, wild animals nonetheless! I’m not a veterinarian or a zoologist and I doubt the horsemanship training I did at summer camp eons ago would serve me much now. So, why was I asked to help with the animals? Holistic health care is becoming more and more mainstream, and many people do not view it as exclusive to humans.

When I ventured into the domain of holistic healing, the multidimensional aspect of life was laid out before me and I discovered it’s not only humans who have access or the birthright to a spiritual existence or a connection to the Divine.


When I was asked to work with animals on an energetic level it didn’t take me aback, it only exemplified how far I had shifted in terms of conventional wisdom. Hoping to do the most I could, I sought out the guidance of a colleague who communicates with animals. If I could communicate with the animals, they could express their needs and thereby greatly enhance my ability to help them.


Talking to Animals…


How is it possible to communicate with animals? Volumes of compiled research has lead scientists to conclude that, “humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.”


It is known that animals from a wide variety of species experience emotions ranging from joy to grief, and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with empathy, jealousy and resentment. These characteristics describe animal sentience.


Pioneering cognitive ethologist, Marc Bekoff, defines animal sentience as “the ability to feel, perceive, or be conscious, or to experience subjectivity.” The European Union recognizes an animal as sentient if “it is capable of being aware of its surroundings, its relationships with other animals and humans, and of sensations in its own body, including pain, hunger, heat or cold.”


Hippocrates stated, “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” If we’re all the same, then we should be able to communicate. To connect with animals one needs to quiet the mind in order to relate on a deeper level.


Changing our Perceptions


Ancient and modern tribal traditions recognised the need for humans to remember and establish their deep connection to all of Life and Spirit. They did not see themselves as separate from other beings, instead they acknowledged the oneness of all, and this enhanced their physical, mental and spiritual health.


We need to see animals for the sentient beings they are and treat them with the respect that is their birthright. Whether they are our companions, working animals, or used in agriculture, or for research, we as humans all share the responsibility to ensure the humane treatment of animals. In so doing, we may recognize our common bond and thus perhaps find our way back to the wholeness of who we are.


Karen Gay, A-Roaming Bodyworker, is a holistic health practitioner practicing in Hanoi. For information on the types of services provided, visit a-roamingbodyworker.com

Karen Gay

A true global citizen, Karen has lived and travelled overseas for more than 20 years. Her current journey has led her down the rabbit hole. She's not sure she'll resurface. You can follow her on twitter.com/KRMG and facebook.com/a.roaming.bodyworker

Website: a-roamingbodyworker.com

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