When I heard Vietnam had just launched its first Bitcoin exchange, it prompted me to think about our current global economic system and how it fails to meet the needs of the vast majority of people on the planet. Many analysts in the financial market as well as observers from the metaphysical and spiritual domains insist there needs to be a global overhaul of the economic structure. Perhaps Bitcoin offers a viable option in the exchange-for-value system.


Exchange for Value


Wikipedia describes Bitcoin as a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank. It is a peer-to-peer system of monetary exchange. Peer-to-peer systems inherently have a better exchange for value built into the model.

Exchange for value is essentially an exchange of energy. When you reflect on the fact that money is what we use to exchange our life energy, one would hope to get the most value possible.

Universal Law


There are universal laws in the metaphysical and spiritual realm. One of these laws, the Universal Law of Energy Exchange, states that something of equal or higher value must always be given in exchange for value received.


To have harmonious, balanced transactions, each individual should reflect on the value exchange they can offer to the world. This may take the form of talent, labour, time, products or services. The individual should strive to keep their ‘accounts’ balanced and fair with each person with whom they interact.


Alternative Models

Our present economic model inhibits the creative, more organic exchange of energy between individuals. The centralisation of banks, interest and inflation rates create financial hardship for most on this planet. Other systems such as digital currencies, local currencies or bartering, as well as free resources are just a few alternatives to the current model.

Some would argue that we need to bring spirituality back into the exchange of money, and that it’s not money that’s the problem but our attitudes vis-a-vis money.


An Infusion of Goodness


Fairness has been lost due to the imbalances created by those who control the majority of resources and money in our world. We need to find ways to regain balance with the Universal Law of Energy Exchange. We need to create new means of being fair and balanced in every potential exchange of talents, products and services. Perhaps this is what Bitcoin and other alternatives have to offer.

The next time you open your wallet to pay for something, think of the payment as an exchange of energy, infuse it with gratitude and good intentions, since the universe works in dynamic reciprocity. You will receive like in return.

Karen Gay, A-Roaming Bodyworker, is a holistic health practitioner practicing in Hanoi. For information on the types of services provided, visit a-roamingbodyworker.com

Karen Gay

A true global citizen, Karen has lived and travelled overseas for more than 20 years. Her current journey has led her down the rabbit hole. She's not sure she'll resurface. You can follow her on twitter.com/KRMG and facebook.com/a.roaming.bodyworker

Website: a-roamingbodyworker.com

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