Your New Year's destiny

At the start of a new year people around the globe use the occasion to create new year’s resolutions. They see this time as a symbolic re-birthing of their hopes and aspirations. There are numerous tips and words of advice on how to successfully attain your resolutions. One that makes a lot of sense is, start small with what it is you would like to achieve.

Some people are interested in changing their destinies and that surely is no small feat. In the new age and spiritually enlightened era that we’re currently living in, there is plenty of guidance on taking charge of your destiny as well.


Destiny VS Fate


If you’re looking to change your destiny, one of the first things to establish is the distinction between destiny and fate. Often used interchangeably, recognising the difference between the two may help to avoid frustration in your attempts to affect change.


While fate is a divinely laid out plan that will happen to you regardless of your actions, destiny allows you some say in how things turn out. Another take on these two forces regards fate as a pessimistic outlook and destiny as a more optimistic viewpoint that encourages taking action in hopes of betterment.


Taking Destiny into Your Hands


There are many in Japan and Korea who have decided to take their destiny into their own hands, literally. Palmistry is highly regarded in these cultures and some people have chosen plastic surgery to transform their palm lines in hopes of improving their marriage, money-making, and even job prospects.


The Chinese art of face reading is another tool some have used to take control of their destiny. Altering the size and shape of your ‘wealth palace’ — the bulbous end of the nose, some believe, may increase your chances of becoming wealthy.


Steering back towards a more spiritual path, destiny is described as that which we are here on earth to achieve, and we are thus guided by an inner compass. Fate, supposedly knocks us back on the path if we stray too far from our true purpose.


Trust Your Heart


The key to knowing your destiny? Some say it is by taking the time to really know yourself and going after what truly makes you happy; trusting and believing in your capabilities and listening to the intuition of your heart.


If you are an Avengers fan, you will know that Destiny Force is “a mysterious and near-infinite power source inherent in all of humanity.”
It is up to each individual to tap into their power and achieve their aspirations.


Happy New Year!


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Karen Gay

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