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Some days I have absolutely no desire to work-out and as an athlete and personal trainer, I’m the first to admit that! Wouldn’t it be grand if there was an exercise programme you could do on your lazy days away from the bump and grind of the aerobics class or crowded gym floor.


As we are a few weeks into the new Lunar New Year with yet another set of New Year’s resolutions you’re not quite sure that will last past April, how about creating just one goal for yourself called ‘The Lazy Girl Workout’?


What is LISS?


PHA Training is a dynamic non-stop circuit resistance workout that is designed to increase the strength of your muscles by making your heart pump faster by keeping blood circulating throughout the whole body. LISS, however, or low-intensity sustained state training (sometimes called low-intensity steady state training) is a low-intensity cardiovascular workout at a low to moderate intensity of around 50 to 65 percent of your max heart rate for 45 to 60 minutes. This type of non-strenuous exercise helps improve your cardiovascular endurance which compliments your higher intensity workouts such as PHA training (Read my January article on PHA training — Peripheral Heart Action Training). I call LISS the Lazy Girl Workout.


Benefits of the Lazy Girl Workout

It’s FREE! Between your beach vacation to Nha Trang and that new scooter you just bought to zip around the streets of Vietnam, you may have forgotten to budget in fitness. Meaning that trip to the gym might have to wait till the following month. The lazy girl workout could be anything from jogging around West Lake in Hanoi to power walking up and down Nguyen Hue. If that is not your thing, you could also consider swimming or cycling. If you are unable to sustain one form of exercise for 45 to 60 minutes, I’d suggest breaking it up:


Lazy Girl Workout Option 1

20 mins Powerwalk

10 mins Jog

15 mins Powerwalk


Lazy Girl Workout Option 2

20 mins Bike ride

20 mins Walk with your bike

20 mins Bike ride


If you have or are thinking of buying a dog just remember, a dog is the only exercise machine you can’t skip when you don’t feel like it and the perfect workout companion to get in your lazy girl workout every day.


And if you are an absolute beginner and still needing to build your ‘Gym Confidence’ (See my article – How to Build Gym Confidence, Nov. 2017), LISS is the perfect alternative to a crowded gym.


In 2015 the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine did a study and found that LISS was equivalent to (HIIT) high intensity training in beginners and many people found HIIT less enjoyable than LISS due to the intensity of HIIT training. This is important to note because even though it’s crucial to have an exercise programme that works and is time-efficient, if it isn’t enjoyable it’s highly unlikely that it can be sustainable over a long period of time, thus making your overall health and fitness goals less achievable.


Variation is the key to achieving your fitness goals, this means changing your workout routine every four to six weeks, your training partner and training environment because only your imagination limits the way you keep your exercise routine fresh to sustain constant motivation for ultimate success.


This lunar new year be kind to yourself and take a gentler approach to exercise because taking it easy with the lazy girl workout might be your best new fat-burning strategy.


Amazin is a Prana Samyana meditation Yin Yoga teacher and performance coach having trained Olympic athletes to special forces. She is also a former natural competitive bodybuilder and the first Vietnamese internationally published health and fitness author and DNA fitness trainer. For more info, click on and


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Amazin Le Thi

Amazin is a Prana Samyama meditation Yin Yoga teacher and performance coach with over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, having trained Olympic athletes to special forces. She is also a former natural competitive bodybuilder and the first Vietnamese internationally published health and fitness author and DNA fitness trainer. Amazin also has a background in the entertainment industry, martial arts, weapons training, boxing for fitness, yoga and Pilates, and she is founder of the Amazin LeThi Foundation and global ambassador for Athlete Ally and Vietnam Relief Services. For more info click on or follow FB @amazinlethi; Twitter @amazinlethi; Instagram @amazinlethi