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Preventing colon cancer through the use of NBI with magnification. I am an endoscopist. You
Aug 13, 2018
Even if you are not overweight, if you’re eating fast food or fatty food all day, your body will
Jul 23, 2018
I have been lucky with the street names surrounding my life in Saigon. My elementary school was on
Jun 08, 2018
Modern hand surgery is a miracle. The techniques and procedures I am trained in today involve ...
Jun 08, 2018

This month Douglas Holwerda, American trained and licensed mental health counsellor, talks about the need to be assertive in the workplace

I was recently asked to provide healing to animals, wild animals nonetheless! I’m not a veterinarian or a zoologist and I doubt the horsemanship training I did at summer camp eons ago would serve me much now. So, why was I asked to help with the animals? Holistic health care is becoming more and more mainstream, and many people do not view it as exclusive to humans.

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I am from the great state of Arizona — known for the Grand Canyon, our sheriff driving a tank into a house with Stephan Seagal, and children suffering third degree burns from pavement. As a native of the great American southwest and a proud owner of an industrial-sized bottle of aloe vera lotion, before coming to Vietnam, I fancied myself an expert on heat.

In the rabble and noise created by nonprofits vying for donors’ limited attention and ever-shrinking funding pools, an enterprising NGO needs a plan — a brilliant plan!

Vietnam is an amazing country — a developing country. Which brings many interesting situations in regard to health, wealth and longevity.

I remember when my pre-school teacher used to make us all go to the front to introduce ourselves: first our full names, then our ages, hobbies and interests. The last question would always be what we wanted to do in the future. The answers ranged from actress to zoologist.

“Antibiotic Resistance a ‘Catastrophic Threat.’” — Reuter’s headline, March 2014
“Antibiotic Apocalypse. A terrible future could be on the horizon, a future which rips one of the greatest tools of medicine out of the hands of doctors.” — BBC headline

This month Douglas Holwerda, American trained and licensed mental health counsellor, talks about how to deal with mid-life crisis

Glancing through last month’s issue of Word, I was inspired by its feature on music. I immediately thought of the Fibonacci Sequence, the seemingly magical fractal equation that can be found in compositions throughout nature, art and music. The spiraling pattern created by the sequence can be observed in the smallest to the largest objects in the natural world.

Souvenirs and memories: this month Bookworm’s Truong looks at books that capture a moment in the life of Vietnam

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