Underground music maestro Trus'me is set to hit Cargo Bar this Friday, Sept 27, and is bringing along an eclectic taste in music and a whole lot of energy. The Word gets a chance to chat with the Manchester native before he gets behind the turntables.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 08:08

Dai Nam-ite!

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Dai Nam

Seamus Butler sidesteps 18,000-square-metre replicas of Halong Bay, slow-motion rollercoasters and multiple haunted houses on a solo quest for enlightenment in the unlikeliest of places. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 07:01

Masked Man

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Chu Bay

Holed up in his small Go Vap abode is Chu Bay — one of a dying breed. Sculpting hat boi masks is not just his passion but his destiny, as Derek Milroy observes. Photos and translation by Francis Xavier

Friday, 30 August 2013 09:22

Miss Caribbean Yoana Montero

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Yoana Montero

Former Miss Caribbean Yoana Montero was in Vietnam last month as part of a promotion and fact-finding tour as the charismatic Dominican looks to expand her modelling company to Asia. Photo by Alexandre Garel

Pham Ngu Lao

Flashback to the 1990s and the focus of Saigon’s budget area was Pham Ngu Lao. Named after a 13th-century general who fought for the Tran Dynasty and repelled Mongol invaders from the north, as the 20th century came to a close his namesake street was now attracting foreigners of a different sort — backpackers.

DJ Rodion

Italian disco? Futuristic crooner pop? Moustachioed Italian DJ Rodion shimmies back to Vietnam a year after his first instalment

Vertical Run

The Vertical Run returns to Hanoi this month. Here are some tips for anyone seeking to run 72 floors to the top of Vietnam’s tallest building

Christian Gabriel and Fredy

Fredy and Christian bring their laugh-out-loud ventriloquist act to Saigon this month. In the words of Fredy, here is the lowdown on the son of King Kong and his bodyguard

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 07:23

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

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Wheelin' and Dealin'

With a budget of VND2 million, the mission was to buy an old bike, do it up and try and sell it for a profit. This is what happened… Mission undertaken by Marc Forster-Pert, photos by Thiep Nguyen

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 07:21

The Magic of The Movies

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The Magic of The Movies

The Tale of An Phuc House, directed by a Vietnam-based Bulgarian animator, won a prestigious award at this year’s New York International Film Festival. Derek Milroy discovers how this touching movie about a remarkable group of Vietnamese came to light. Documentary stills provided by CreaTV

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