If you fancy going for a beer and a game of billiards, on the far side of town, then head on down to Heyday Beer Club.


Located deep in Ha Dong, Hanoi’s most populous suburb, Heyday is as much a premium watering hole as it is a symbol of the district’s development.


Vinh, the establishment’s owner, started out opening the bia hoi restaurant across the road, and two years ago he decided to reach for something bigger. The four-storey beer club is kitted out with games, TVs and lounges and is one of the most contemporary bars in the area.


Sitting on a corner overlooking modern houses that sport solar panels and big garages, from outside the building looks quirky. It’s difficult to miss the all-seeing illuminated pint glass and block capital lettering advertising the beer club when you turn on to Nguyen Van Loc.


Inside, the walls are busy with abstract pictures, neon Budweiser signs and bottle caps moulded into wooden walls. It also sports two large TVs showing the latest football matches. If the first floor is too busy, which on a weekend it will be, then you can head to the second floor that follows the same design.


The bar only serves beer; Vinh makes sure that if any new premium quality beer becomes available in-country his bar will stock it.


Pub Games


In holding with a classic pub atmosphere, all the best social games can be found here. Downstairs, a dart board and a foosball table are surrounded by eager punters, ready to wager on — or against — their drinking companions.


A short elevator ride to the third floor takes you to a VIP lounge area with a good-quality pool table, speakers that connect to your iPhone and a balcony area. While you’re busy testing your skills on the table, staff are ready to bring an icebox full of beer from the bar, or some bar snacks. You can ask at the bar for details on hiring out this room.


The lounge on the third floor is designed with dim lighting, sofas are dotted around the room and the red brick walls are interrupted by shelves littered with bottles of wine.


After a splash of Dutch courage, you can make your way to the fourth floor to exercise your lungs with karaoke.


International Beer


The selection of beers available is impressive — there are brands from Belgium, Germany, Japan and elsewhere. A Tiger or Saigon beer costs VND25,000, while a Corona Extra is VND70,000. If you’re feeling more adventurous, German beer Stammgast will set you back VND115,000, Belgian dark beer Chimay VND145,000 and red ale Rodenbach Grand Cru VND350,000.


If you come in a group, then you can take advantage of the bulk options; three litres of Tiger beer cost VND250,000, while the same measure of Heineken costs VND350,000.


As if the beer and games weren’t enough for you, Heyday does top-quality food as well, including pizzas, spaghetti and Vietnamese dishes.


A large ‘special pizza’ costs VND135,000 and comes with a full array of toppings. A plate of spaghetti Bolognaise is VND85,000 and a range of Vietnamese-style chicken, beef and duck dishes priced between VND100,000 and VND300,000. The food is all cooked to the standard that you would expect from an established restaurant.


Rose in a Thorn Bush


Ha Dong isn’t known as being a hip spot on the weekend calendar, but as the area continues to develop, its nightlife is becoming more inviting.


Heyday is a glimpse of what the future holds. 


Heyday is at LK3C1 Nguyen Van Loc, Ha Dong, Hanoi, just off Tran Phu. It’s open 9am to 11pm and until midnight on weekends


Photos by Theo Lowenstein

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