If you’re looking for that elegant yet cozy cocktail bar to slip away from the chaos and roughness that is Saigon at just about any hour of the night, it’s time you get your patooties over to Last Call.


Artisanal cocktails, assorted flavours of high-end spirits (ginseng and caramel-flavoured Grey Goose caught my eye!) and a range of crisp Champagnes are just a few things that give this classy afterhours bar the gift of eloquence amidst its stylish, chic décor, inviting outdoor terrace, and 1970s funky, Motown vibe. Better yet, be ready to pay moderately affordable prices for top quality drinks and atmosphere, or come during happy hour, every day from 6-9pm for 30-50% off the entire menu.


A friend and I sought to check out the late night groove on a Saturday night just before happy hour finished, which also happened to be the tail end of a private birthday party. Boy, did we feel like party crashers! But the blissful birthday girl and friendly staff warmly welcomed us through the quietly obscure stairwell that leads to the tastefully lively bar upstairs. We proceeded to take in the artsy ambience and order what the birthday girl was drinking, a Midnight Express Martini, equipped with Grey Goose, Kahlua, espresso, cacao and whipped cream. Can you say yum! And the perfect delectable kick to include on the menu to keep those eyes open when it starts getting real late. Our cocktails were first prepared by chilling our glasses with ice, pouring in the important mixed libations, and then adding finishing touches of real chocolate shavings on top. We were so impressed that we had to try more — for Top Shelf bar review purposes only, of course!


Last Call cocktails are categorized by Sparkling, Spicy, Creamy, and Sweet n Sour — pretty much all of my favorite varieties, so I had to try one from each! For sparkling, we tasted a Honolulu — Grey Goose, ginger, sparkling wine, lemon oil, and bitters — and I for one actually preferred this over the Midnight Express Martini. It’s exceptionally refreshing with slices of real ginger mixed in! Mmm! However, the cocktail under Spicy is what really had me by the ball and chain, the Pandora — Grey Goose, strawberries, basil, and cracked black pepper. Sweet, tangy, and exotic! I never thought my love for spicy food would transfer into spicy cocktails.


Thank you Last Call for opening my eyes to a whole new cuisine of cocktail creativity set in the perfect ambiance for that late night Saigon escape. — Courtney Larson


The Last Call is at 59 Dong Du, Q1, HCMC





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