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It’s not just beer that’s getting a makeover in the capital, food is too, with a number of artisan producers entering the scene.

The craft beer phenomenon has its feet well and truly grounded in Vietnam. Hoping to tap into the craze for small batch, high-quality produce, a number of home bakers and chefs are now offering delivery on a number of craft food products.

Haus of Smoke


Started up by Cao Cuong just over a year ago, Haus of Smoke dedicated over a year to researching the perfect flavours for smoked meat and other items.


“Our inspiration comes from northern Vietnam, where smoked meats are very traditional and special for the local people,” says Cuong. “We noticed a trend where people living in the city would crave new cultural products.”


Using only natural ingredients, the secret comes down to marinades, timing and the wood used in the smoker.


Current products include hand-selected cuts of smoked pork, buffalo, chicken, duck and tofu.


“Our quality control is personal, and food safety and hygiene is our number one priority,” says Cuong.


Delivery is available. For more information, visit or call 0982 158871



Founded in January 2017 by Vietnamese-Australian Nguyen Tan Hung, Fermented specialises in artisan sourdough breads.


The current range consists of over 10 varieties, from plain wheat to wholemeal, buckwheat to organic rye, and various seeded loaves. Prices range from VND35,000 to VND130,000 a loaf.


Hung is not just the founder, he’s also the whole labour force.


“Less people involved means better control over quality,” says Hung. “My focus is on health and high-quality homemade products.”


To this end, all of Fermented’s products are made with purified water to ensure safety and prevent arsenic contamination.


Orders can be made on Facebook or through their Google doc form. Delivery or pick up available. For more information, visit or call 0936 047305



Founded just four months ago by South African Daniel Boshoff, BreadWinner produces artisan breads and offers baking courses.


“I want to show people that it’s easier than they think to bake amazing breads at home, with minimal equipment,” says Daniel.


The range of loaves vary in price from VND55,000 to VND80,000, while baking courses start at VND1.8 million.


“My product is better than something mass produced,” says Daniel. “I don’t cut corners to save costs.”


Despite being the only person involved in the business, Daniel is confident he can teach people to bake bread in just a few hours.


Delivery or pick up available. For more information, visit or call 01268 710943


Gusto Hanoi


Italian chef Antonio Damiano and his wife Quach Thi Phan Thanh are makers of artisanal pizza slices, delivered to your door in single vacuum-packed portions.


Founded in December 2016 with the help of Gianfranco Stella, current slices in the range of eight varieties include the spicy salami-topped Diavola (VND40,000), Shibuya beef (VND55,000) and spicy garlic prawns (VND65,000).


“Our product is made by hand in the traditional Roman style,” says Antonio. “Our focus is on bringing the real taste of Italian pizza to your home.”


Gusto pizzas can last up to a year in the freezer and can be cooked in eight minutes, making them the ultimate home convenience.


Delivery only. Check out their Facebook page or call 0912 650819




Founded last year by local chef Nguyen Anh Da, DaanChefs specialise in smoked meat infused with the delicate aromas of green tea.


“Most of our products are new to the Vietnamese market,” explains Da. “As such, most of our customers are restaurants, hotels or expats; but I hope we can serve the Vietnamese in the future.”


One of the most popular products is the green tea smoked bacon (VND250,000 per kilo), but they also have sausage (VND280,000 per kilo), pancetta (VND280,000 per kilo) and ham (VND350,000 per kilo), all smoked with green tea.


Delivery only. For more information, visit



FamilyCheese was set up last year by Ngo Trung Quan and Josefina Hejzlarova, and as the name suggests, they’re a family business producing homemade cheese with a team of just three people.


Current products include the queso blanco (VND60,000/100g), blue cheese (VND90,000/100g) and Jack cheese (VND100,000/100g).


If they can overcome the high cost of good quality materials, Quan is hoping one day to become the number one local cheese supplier in Vietnam.


Delivery and pick up available. For more info click on or call 0949 781770 / 0906 166030

Edward Dalton

Ted landed in Vietnam in 2013, looking for new ways to emulate his globetrotting, octo-lingual grandfather and all-round hero. After spending a year putting that history Masters to good use by teaching English, his plan to return to his careers adviser in a flood of remorseful tears backfired when he met someone special and tied the knot two years on. Now working as a wordsmith crackerjack (ahem, staff writer) for Word Vietnam.

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