Drink with Compassion

Help those less fortunate. Give back. Be the change you wish to see in the world. We have all heard these chestnuts. Probably some of us have quoted them. They are words with the purpose of sculpting us into better people. It's time to add another to this list on improving humanity — Drink with Compassion.

Regina Coffee embodies this quote. Establishing itself as a café with a cause, Regina Coffee has won the respect and hearts of coffee enthusiasts. Since 2007, the café has committed all profits to the Regina Charitable Fund to help less fortunate Vietnamese. Every time you enjoy a cup, you help contribute to rural healthcare, education or agricultural initiatives. All this invests the café with a sweet mix of coffee and activism.


Community Spirit

The main attraction of Regina Coffee is the large, open-aired patio, filled with massive umbrellas that seclude you from the city chaos. The trees and greenery create a feeling of serenity and calmness as the world whizzes by outside. Water trickles down the side of the building as a string of ivy crawls up the stone plates. The water cascades under a stepping stone walkway that leads into the indoor section. The dark wood décor is reminiscent of a treehouse you might have frolicked in as a child. Perhaps that’s the point — a discrete, subliminal message to make you think of kids and the opportunity they deserve, the opportunity you help support. Even a playground swing set sits in the corner.


But it’s not the colour scheme or interior design of Regina Coffee that makes it so special. It's the community spirit that fills the air. A sense that together people can help in even the most ordinary way, by simply drinking a cup of coffee. In addition to the Charitable Fund, Regina Coffee claims “a close relationship between the farmers who grow our coffees and the customers. Through long-term contracts with farmers on paying prices, Regina helps farmers support their families and improve their farms”. It is a win-win-win café system — the producers, the consumers and the beneficiaries. As they put it, “we all take part in building an increasingly better environment, community, and life”.


Prices range from VND40,000 for your basic black coffee to VND70,000 for your fancy frap. You might even want to try their decadent chocolate mud cake. Just make sure to tell your health-conscious mind that it's all for a good cause.


Regina Coffee is at 84 Nguyen Du, Q1, Tel: (08) 3824 7669

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