Street Food Map of Vietnam

Street food is an obsession. Rich or poor, old or young, all like to get their fix. In an environment where status no longer takes precedence, the only important thing is the quality of the food. In Vietnam, street food is the great equaliser.


We’ve tried to pay testament to this uniquely Vietnamese phenomenon. True, such fare exists all over world, but few countries on this planet can match the variety and quality of the offerings available in Vietnam. Forever evolving, forever mutating into something new, whether the dishes are eaten on the street or off, street food is a living force with a lifeblood all of its own.


With so much international cuisine available in Vietnam, there is a tendency to avoid ‘going local’. Yet writing, editing and laying out the following story had all of us salivating. We hope you have the same experience.


Start your journey:


Get your taste buds going with Defining Street Food, a journey into the change world of grub in Vietnam


Test your culinary skills with Learning to Cook Street Food, an exploration of how to whip up the delicious Vietnamese delicacy of Banh Xeo


Take a tour of the best dishes in Vietnam, and where to find them. Start with The North, and then meander into Central Vietnam, and finally to The South


Try a taste of the hottest sauces (literally) in Vietnam, with Some Like It Hot


Finally, find out how Western influences are changing the face of street fare in Vietnam, with Streetifying Western Food

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