It’s been a long two years since the last edition, as Francis Xavier heads back to the Vietnamese Pastry Cup to see what Vietnam’s best pâtissiers have been cooking

It seems everyone wants a piece of Vietnamese cuisine these days

Four expert judges battled lunchtime traffic, salad cravings and meat sweats to taste 10 burgers in two days. David Mann delivers the verdicts on who’s dishing up the best beef burgers in Hanoi. Photos by Julie Vola

In July, the American coffee behemoth upped the stakes on its bid to conquer the Vietnamese market — but will it pay off? David Mann gets the word on Starbucks’ move into the capital. Photos by David Harris

Peering past new coats of paint, Maureen Littlejohn heads to Quang An in Tay Ho to get a look at a transformed neighbourhood’s first steps. Photos by David Harris

Excerpt from the Mi Quang Song, Danang

Food songs in Vietnam are amusing and tend to go viral. But the latest ode to street food, The Mi Quang Song, is probably the most hysterical and unusual yet.

...and other practical advice for attending weddings in Vietnam. ‘Tis the wedding season after all. Words by Evan Hudson. Photos by Nick Ross

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