Photo by Bao Zoan

It has set up roots in one of the best locations in town, and it’s certainly drawing in the customers. But what does our mystery diner think? Photos by Bao Zoan

Photo by Julie Vola

A staple on the shores of West Lake for more than five years, Dieu’s Cuisine is still going strong. Our Mystery Diner pays a visit to learn the secret to their enduring success. Photos by Julie Vola

Photo by Rodney Hughes

Can Vietnamese food reach the dizzy heights of haute cuisine? Our mystery diner finds out. Photos by Rodney Hughes

Photo by Bao Zoan

This month our undercover reporter makes a departure from top-end restaurants and instead heads to a purveyor, albeit a top-end purveyor, of the humble banh mi. Photos by Bao Zoan

Photo by Julie Vola

German cuisine cooked up by a Vietnamese top-seven MasterChef contestant? Our Mystery Diner heads to Minh Thuy’s. Photos by Julie Vola

Photo by Trung Del

There’s a restaurant and pub in town serving, yes, you guessed it, cuisine from the UK. Naturally our mystery diner had to check it out. Here’s the verdict. Photos by Trung Del

Photo by Bao Zoan

Mixing Western cuisine with Japanese, our mystery diner heads to Dong Du for a date with Sushi Hokkaido Sachi and their outstanding foie gras. Photos by Bao Zoan

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