The Vietnamese version of the waffle has long been a street snack of choice. But as ‘fast food’ and ‘convenience stores’ take hold, so the demand for these tasty morsels is starting to wane. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Francis Xavier

Pho Chien Phong. Photo by Julie Vola

The Truc Bach area of Hanoi is known for far more than just its pho cuon joints. Deep-fried pho with beef sauce anyone? Words by Noey Neumark. Photos by Julie Vola

Most street food that makes its way to Saigon from elsewhere gets adapted to the local palate. One such dish is pho chua. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Bun noodles seem to be served up with anything and everything these days. One variation? Bun served with be be, a type of shrimp from Halong Bay. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by Trung Del

Bread served up in a frying pan with pate, egg and tomato sauce is all the rage in Hanoi. Huyen Tran gets with the bug. Photos by Julie Vola

Want to snack out on the most local of local street food? Head to the alleys, says Vi Pham. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Ca Com Minh Duc. Photo by Charles Von Presley 

In a city where design and concept have taken over the restaurant scene, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. Vi Pham visits one of Saigon’s best-known and most often criticised rice restaurants. Photos by Charles Von Presley

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