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A food blogger and self-styled chef, this month Riccha Arora indulges her sweet tooth


A chocolate truffle mixture is a ganache that is rolled into misshapen round shapes, to look like the real truffle fungus that grows around the roots of trees in France and Italy. They come out looking fungal, but they’re delicious!


Preparing truffles yourself is a joyride. They’re perfect after dinner. Picture this: melty chocolate truffles, flavoured with mint and rolled in cocoa powder. High on ‘wow factor’ — but pretty simple and economical to make at home.


While cocoa powder is the traditional coating, truffles can also be coated with toasted and chopped nuts, chocolate sprinkles, desiccated coconut or even shaved chocolate.


There is a lot you can do with this recipe — it’s totally up to the imagination. With such a simple recipe and so few ingredients, the quality of what you use is the most important thing in creating this blissfully elegant delight.


Homemade truffles are leaps and bounds better than store-bought ones. Although they do not last as long, the taste will compel you to make them again and again.


The Ingredients


— 230g dark cooking chocolate

— 120ml heavy whipping cream

— 2 tbsp unsalted butter

— 3 tbsp honey

— A handful of mint leaves

— Unsweetened cocoa powder, desiccated coconut or chocolate sprinkles for coating


Preparing the Truffles


1) Place finely chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl, and set aside at room temperature


2) Heat the cream and mint leaves in a small saucepan and bring to a boil


3) Pour the hot cream on the chocolate, using a strainer to remove the mint leaves


4) Stir slowly with a spatula, and add room temperature unsalted butter and honey to the mix. Gently keep stirring until chocolate completely melts. This will give the ganache a shiny and velvety texture


5) Cover and place in the refrigerator until the truffle mixture is firm (this will take several hours or overnight)




1. Place a generous amount of desired coatings on a plate


2. Remove the truffles from the refrigerator, and hand-roll misshapen, bite-size rounds


3. The heat from your palm will melt the chocolates, so you need to be really quick while rolling the balls in the coating plate. When you’re through, place them on a baking tray


4. Refrigerate them again until they are firm, and serve at room temperature!


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Riccha Arora

Riccha Arora is an IT business consultant by profession and a food blogger by passion. A foodie of Indian origin, Riccha lived in Singapore before moving to Ho Chi Minh City. She loves picking up insights into cuisine from every corner of the globe. Check her out on Facebook on


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