Enjoy is the brainchild of Hoi An-based photographer Réhahn Croquevielle — you know, the guy who takes pictures of people covering their smiles with their hands. They’ve got continental comfort food, Tra Que-sourced Vietnamese dishes and Italian coffee on the menu. Réhahn’s photo gallery is in the back.
But that’s not why we’ve come. We’ve come to try the ice cream — all 57 flavours.

As Réhahn sits nearby, I sample the self-serve. He offers a casual blessing when I ask him for photo tips: “You have a camera, so you’re a photographer.” And I have 57 tasting spoons. Here are some of my favourites:


The Cream of the Crop

*Rated between 0 and 3 scoops


Pineapple — light, fresh, sorbet (1.5 scoops)


Passion Fruit — light but tangy. Enjoy employee Lan opines, “I like passion fruit” (1.5 scoops)


Lime — I find it’s a common problem with lime, it’s so light it almost passes without notice. Lan: “Customers who want a small body, they choose lime” (fat boy somehow wants 0 scoops)


Vanilla — my first tasting after Réhahn snagged me for two mojitos, a “White Horse” (banh bao/banh vac combo) and a super creamy egg cocotte that I dipped little breads into until my belt felt tight. Subtle and full, a real French vanilla. Getting off the sorbets is sublime (2 scoops)


Choco Mint — I’ve been making an effort not to overwhelm the weaker flavours, but Choco Mint put me off the conservative route. I’m glad I did. I like Choco Mint (2 scoops)


Choco Chocochips vs. Chocolate — Chocolate. (1.5 scoops to 1 scoop)


... vs Nutella? — Chocolate. (2 scoops to 1.5 scoops)


... vs Marou Chocolate Sorbet? — Marou Chocolate Sorbet. (2 scoop tie/Marou by a hair)


... vs Chocolate Chilli? — M***********!! (3 scoops, if you’re a badass)



Affogato — okay, so my earlier theory was incorrect. Affogato overwhelmed the still-burning back section of my throat with a taste of ambrosia (or is that caramel?) (3 scoops)


Caramel — there’s something called “Salted Caramel”, which I see in an unopened box. I’m glad this is not that, but also a little curious (1.5 scoops)


Salted Caramel — shame on me. Salted Caramel is the best. Every ice cream should probably be salted (2 scoops)


Salted Peanut Butter — my bad (0 scoops)


Coco Bella — I’m partial to ice creams with little flakes of something in them and, why not, fancy names (3 scoops)


Hokey Pokey — it’s amazing. Réhahn’s brother (head ice cream guy) says that honey is the secret ingredient. He likes this, Salted Caramel and Cookies n Cream the best. It’s evidently a Kiwi favourite.


“It’s like Salted Caramel is for French people,” says Réhahn. I’m left questioning my parental lineage (3 scoops)


Mint — way better than Choco Mint. How have I never tried regular mint before?? (2.5 scoops)


Cookies n Cream — devastating (2.5 scoops)


And then I saw the other two fridges. No more. But they do have interesting flavours like Pandanus, Black Currant with Phu Quoc Pepper (I lied, I tried this one — 3 scoops), Soursop, Coco Coriander, Jameson Irish Coffee and etc. I’m going to drink five espressos now.



Staff Favourites


Lien: Passion Fruit

Thong: Salted Caramel / Strawberry

Ly: Strawberry

Rehahn: Red Berries


— Ed Weinberg


Enjoy is at 13 Nguyen Phuc Chu, Hoi An, and at enjoy-hoian.com

Ed Weinberg

Ed Weinberg is a writer with passing interest in psychedelic realism, indie comics, jaunty coming-of-age tales and those crazy Russian writers. After graduating from McGill University in 2004, he's worked in magazine editing, freelance writing and odd jobs. He is currently living in Ho Chi Minh City and working on a longer thing about two months spent looking for the largest, oldest (fake) pyramid in the world in small-town Bosnia. Follow his whimsicalities at @presidentninja

Website: worldeddy.tumblr.com

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