One of the more recent additions to Xuan Dieu, our undercover reviewer discovers that Bluebird is adding some quality to the area. Photos by Francis Roux

Soup for the Summer

The best bun dish to eat in the Hanoi heat is bun moc, says Huyen Tran. Photos by Francis Roux

ID Café

Jacklynn Blanchard takes a stroll down the café corridor of District 3’s Tu Xuong to get caffeinated with the cool kids. Photos by Alexandre Garel

May Restaurant

You are hit by a real sense of the Indochine when you enter May. But it’s not tainted by the extravagance and blatant glamour that you may discover in other époque-themed Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon. Instead, there is a workmanlike feel to this French-run eatery, a sense of era without all the unnecessary embellishments, something that greets you overtly when you catch the open kitchen as you walk up the stairs.

The Vietnamese Pastry Championships

Armed only with an empty stomach, cavity-prone teeth and a fork, Ed Weinberg gets a plate on the frontlines of the pastry wars. Photos Francis Xavier


Thanks to our friends at the Japanese-language magazine, Sketch, we have come up with a list of what we believe to be the top 10 Japanese restaurants in town. With so much competition in this city, and well over 200 eateries proclaiming to sell dishes with some sort of Japanese influence, Saigon is a gold mine for anyone who enjoys eating cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, so good is our experience of the cuisine in this country, that when various members of our team have tried sushi, sashimi, ramen and all sorts of other Japanese fare in Europe or North America, they've come away disappointed. So, here goes. Time to get the saliva running and the juices flowing.

Supersize Me

Forget eating McDonald’s three meals a day for a month. Seamus Butler agreed to do the opposite and dosed up on a diet of Ben Style food for weightlifters and two weeks’ worth of daily workouts at the Sofitel Gym. Here’s what happened. Photos by Francis Xavier

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