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Air Quality Readings Now Available in Ho Chi Minh City

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Air quality reading are now publicly available in Ho Chi Minh City

Anyone concerned about declining air quality in Vietnam’s big cities can now check pollution data hourly thanks to a new service provided by the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.


Already running in Hanoi for some time, the service measures the hourly air pollution levels at the US Consulate site on Le Duan, right in the centre of Saigon.


Although no historical data is provided, the page includes readings for the past 24 hours as well as a chart explaining the health concern levels of various air quality values. 0 - 50, for example, means the air quality is good, 51 to 100 means that it is moderate, 101 to 150 means that it is unhealthy for sensitive groups of people, and so on.


With Ho Chi Minh City being described as a metropolis with one of the worst air quality levels on this planet, having access to such data is vital. Without knowing the stats, no moves will be made to find ways reduce air pollution. This is an issue that China has now found itself stuck with. For years the country didn’t publish data on air quality, by the time they started accepting there was an issue, Beijing and Shanghai had become the two most polluted cities on the planet.


To see the stats on Ho Chi Minh City, click on And for Hanoi, go to Stats from around the world can be found at

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