Friday, 27 March 2015 19:29

Roger Sanchez Plays Saigon

Roger Sanchez to play Blanchy's Tash, Saigon

Grammy award-winning DJ and producer Roger Sanchez will be playing Blanchy's Tash on Friday Apr. 3. One of the best-known DJs to have ever graced Vietnam, this will be Sanchez's second visit to Saigon.

On the bar. Promo girls in Saigon go to new lengths to sell product

It’s a Friday night in Saigon and the Jagermeister crew have waltzed in. Carrying a tray full of shot glasses, three promo girls - sorry brand ambassadors - with a photographer in tow, tease their way around the bar, smiling, pouting, flirting, handing out shots.

As part of a global publicity stunt designed to boost lagging sales, McDonald’s treated thousands of Vietnamese customers to a free meal at its District 1 location. The promotion, which began at 8pm on Mar. 24 and continued until the following evening, saw thousands of motorists clog the restaurant’s drive-through lanes at all hours.

Rescue teams were dispatched to a construction site in the Vung Ang Economic Zone on Wednesday after a scaffolding collapse killed at least 14 workers and wounded at least 30 others, according to a BBC report.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 21:10

Decrease in VN Tourism Bemoaned by Operators

The drastic drop in foreign visitors last year has troubled tourism professionals across Vietnam. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has estimated that the number of foreign tourists in January to February 2015 decreased by 10.6 percent compared to last year.


In a move applauded by bored restaurant patrons, children under seven, and your building’s security guards, LG Electronics has announced that it will shift its production of television sets from Thailand to Vietnam later this year.

The Traffic Safety Board of Ho Chi Minh City has announced that 138 people have been killed in traffic accidents thus far in 2015, a slight increase over the previous year. The deaths, which came as a result of the city’s 759 reported traffic accidents in January and February, represent only a fraction of the country’s total road fatalities thus far.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 20:24

Hanoi to Cut Down 6,700 Century-Old Trees

Metro systems in developing cities come at a price. And in Hanoi, the price is the disappearance of a large portion of the 29,600 remaining century-old trees that were planted during colonial rule.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 17:36

Saigon Launches 24/7 Tourist Help Hotline

Foreign and domestic tourists will be pleased to learn that Ho Chi Minh City, under the leadership of the Departments of Tourism, Information, and Communications along with the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications group, has recently launched Vietnam’s first 24/7 tourist information hotline.

According to a recent article in Tuoi Tre News, the smoking of shisha pipes is quickly becoming the most dangerous health hazard facing Vietnam’s young people.

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