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Learning Vietnamese (or even English) with YouTube

It’s now easier than ever to start learning Vietnamese with a range of methods, from private tutoring, group lessons, language apps, or YouTube videos.


Business accounts and private accounts alike have been creating language exchange videos for years now; it’s been no secret. There’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of almost every major language in the world.


It’s hard to find videos online with good production quality, relevant content, and good teaching methods. But a few businesses have hit the nail on the head and are posting excellent language exchange videos free for all.


Tieng Viet, Oi!


Tieng Viet Oi Teaching Group (TVO) was one of the pioneers into Vietnamese language videos using the northern accent. They realised that all of the videos posted online were taught with a southern accent, and wanted to make some for the folks up in Hanoi.


TVO has been making language exchange videos on YouTube for two years, however, they have only been regularly posting this year. Lan (co-founder) studied English language and interpreting at university and noticed that she was often taught things in class that she would never use in a real-life situation. She noticed that foreigners that come to Vietnam are often taught the same way.


Lan wanted to create a learning environment where people who may not have time to attend formal classes can easily log on, and watch one of her well-produced, clearly spoken, and most importantly, educational videos. With quizzes at the end of the videos motivating you to learn the content, what excuse do you have to not learn?


From Ho Chi Minh City?


Southern Vietnamese For Foreigners (SVFF) teaches Vietnamese with the southern accent. Coordinators Huyen Thi Phi and Kim Thuong have been making language exchange videos regularly for 18 months.


Both are English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City and try to create funny, real-life situations with helpful and relevant vocabulary so that foreigners are engaged and are more compelled to learn.


SVFF now have two local teachers also carrying out Vietnamese lessons via Skype, another easy option if you are in Ho Chi Minh City.


Let’s Learn


Run by Linh, 26, from Hanoi, Everyday Language – Let’s Learn makes language exchange videos that started when they spoke to foreigners who said that they don’t want to spend a long time studying the language when they will only be here for a short time.


“Vietnamese learning videos are too long and unhelpful these days. Our lessons are short and convenient,” she says.


They are hoping to expand with more teachers in the future and even with more languages.


Learning English


An interesting channel, owned by Daniel Hauer does language exchange videos similar to these other ones. However, this American man is turning the game on its head by teaching English to Vietnamese using Vietnamese language. Dan has been making these videos for two years and has quite a following on YouTube, with his most viewed video having almost one and a half million views.


Less Serious, More Educational (maybe?)


And then there are people who make videos for fun, playing with both languages. Vietglish Fun recently had a big hit video called Vietnamese Numbers in which they taught Vietnamese numbers one to ten using comedy. For instance, likening the number ten, muoi, to Spanish muy bien, but with a more depressing tone.


An American, C. Crave, has made a few videos on his channel that have gone viral. He also uses comedy to draw in his viewers. In his video Let’s Learn Vietnamese, he teaches some phrases to recognize if you go to the nail salon and the nail artists are speaking about you.


Whether you’re here for a month, six months, a year or five, now’s the time to learn Vietnamese and become more integrated into society.

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