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Food Stories

Photo by Julie Vola

We often forget how much work goes into the food that appears on our plate or the drink that fills up our glass. Yet look at the chain of people and events that brings this all to us, and you realise the ubiquity and enormity of today’s food and beverage industry. Look even further and you see the stories behind the food. Everyone’s got an anecdote or a narrative.

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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 10:21

Relish & Sons in Thao Dien


Located near the corner of Xuan Thuy and Thao Dien, Relish & Sons’ new edition opened its doors at the end of April.

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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 04:58

Lavastone BBQ & Cocktail House

Opened in late 2015, Lavastone is a restaurant where East meets West in terms of both the interior and the cuisine.

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Friday, 22 April 2016 05:25


Photo by Julie Vola

If this restaurant had a mascot, it would be butter. “When in doubt, just chuck some butter in it,” laughs Chef Patrick Morris, and he’s right. Rich and heavy, every dish wraps you in the comfort of American-style steakhouse decadence.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 07:28

Le Corto

Le Corto. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

I’ve eaten at Le Corto three times, the first two times with the owners. On the third occasion I went unannounced with a friend. What I was told before turned out to be correct; thanks to their reasonably priced set lunch (VND180,000 for two courses, VND250,000 for three), even their lunchtimes are busy at the moment. It was a Tuesday and we were lucky to get a table.

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Friday, 08 April 2016 05:46


Panam’. Photo by Julie Vola

Fancy a crepe anyone? Our mystery diner certainly did when they headed to Truong Han Sieu for a taste of Brittany’s best-known dish. Photos by Julie Vola

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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 08:22

Family Garden

Family Garden. Photo by Kyle Phanroy 

If you live in Saigon and are the complaining type, one of the things you’ve probably complained about, and with some justification, is the lack of green space in this city. It’s hardly a new debate.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 04:41

La Plume Bistro and Lounge

Open at the end of 2015, La Plume is the latest incarnation of the restaurant in Hanoi’s Press Club.

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Friday, 12 February 2016 16:07


Photo by Kyle Phanroy 

Unless you were craving Korean food, there haven’t been many reasons to dine down in District 7. However, in the last few months, a high-quality Italian restaurant has slowly made local converts and is poised to gain wider attention.

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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 07:11

Zenith Vegetarian Restaurant


247Au Co, Tay Ho, Tel: 0904 356561

A vegetarian and vegan café connected to Zenith Yoga that respects yoga philosophy. Simple living, mindful thinking and 100 percent natural ingredients, all the food here is served up without additional additives or MSG and using only fresh seasonal products. All dishes are made in house.

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