Beaten Space Probe

Tokyo-based boogie boy Beaten Space Probe has opened for big name DJs like Greg Wilson, Dicky Trisco, and Craig Smith, piloted his own BSP digital imprint and taken the disco-deviance world by storm. On Jun 22, Sound Adventures gets Saigon’s hips swinging to his throwback beats at Vasco’s (74/7D Hai Ba Trung, Q1). Word caught up with the man behind the music before the big night.


Q: So, Beaten Space Probe... what the heck?

A: It's weird name, eh? When I started making disco edits I thought I should create a new alias. I wanted a very eighties-ish name as I love eighties pop culture. The name 'Beaten Space Probe' is the fruit of my word-association-game.


Q: You're a self-proclaimed "crate digger" - resurrecting and re-mastering old disco tracks into something for 21st century dance floors. What do you think it is that attracted you to disco sound, and what new elements do you bring along?

A: The sound of disco/boogie has been attractive to me for quite a while. It's all about the groove. Raw, rough and powerful sounds - and an exquisite combination of all of these elements create a special groove. So when I rub those tracks, I aim to keep it simple while respecting the original. I have a careful touch on arrangement, and I only add some elements that work well in my sets.

Q: You're from the metropolis of Tokyo, which brings to mind flashing lights and packed dance floors, and you've already graced Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok with your music. What brings you to Vietnam, and how do you think it'll be different from where you've played before?

A: Of course, I will bring the very best of my boogie-ness to you like I've been doing for other cities! I'm excited to land in Vietnam as this is the first time I’ll visit. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, so I think I’ll be dumbfounded by its energy. I’m excited to play in an energetic atmosphere.

Q: You've started to get some real notoriety internationally and releasing tracks with disco labels like Midnight Riot, Glenview Records, Play Pal, Chopshop, Touchsoul and DiscoDat.Plus, you're just about to go on tour in Europe starting in September of this year. What kinds of changes do you expect to see from casting your net even further internationally?

A: It will be my first appearance as a DJ in Europe, and I’ll play in the UK and France. It's not easy for DJs from the Asia to get noticed there. A big thanks goes out to Dicky Trisco from Disco Deviance who gave me the opportunity. Experiencing the scene there will definitely open a lot of doors. Hopefully I can spread my sound, become a better DJ and put Asian DJs on the map globally.

Q: You'll be making things happen at Vasco's on June 22. Visualizing your perfect show, how would you describe it in five words?

A: Get down with the boogie!


This interview was edited and condensed.

Part of the Sound Adventures series, Everyone's a DJ and Optimist Club presents Beaten Space Probe on Saturday, Jun 22 from 9pm until late at Vasco's, located at 74/7D Hai Ba Trung, Q1. Supporting acts include Superkid, Dan Lo and Fancilous. Entrance VND100,000 includes one free drink.
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