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Taking the Plunge

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Swimming education is a hot-button issue in Vietnam. With thousands of drowning deaths occurring each year, it’s something that should be seen as a crucial need. Unfortunately it isn’t. Vu Ha Kim Vy jumps into the deep end, finding answers to this paradox along the way

Victoria Nui Sam Resort on Nui Sam Mountain, Chau Doc

My mountainside room has a view, the kind of view that people travel halfway across the globe for — paddy field greenery that sweeps into an infinity of sky, limestone mountains and canals. Yet set in a remote part of southwest Vietnam on the edge of Cambodia, this is the type of sight that few overseas visitors to this country ever see. Until now.

Monday, 02 June 2014 19:52

A Short Ride in the Jungle

Riding an ageing, pink Honda Cub dubbed The Pink Panther sourced and pimped by Digby and Glenn at Explore Indochina in Hoi An, Ants Bolingbroke-Kent rattled down the Ho Chi Minh Trail last year, taking pictures along the way.

The labor day/liberation day long weekend is upon Vietnam, and for most in the country's major cities, the five-day work hiatus is a good excuse to get out of town. But where to go? The Word editorial team breaks down their favourite travel destinations in Vietnam and southeast Asia that are perfect for the April/May break.

On the back of the release of his book, Vietnam: A Mosaic of Contrasts, Word speaks to Hoi An-based photographer and restaurant owner, Réhahn Croquevielle

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 20:33


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There’s a downside to the speed and chaos of driving in this country, and three of our editors have felt it personally. These are their stories. Photo by Mads Monsen

The painted names and tags around Ho Chi Minh City are not often the exciting, elaborate images that you see in other cities. But graffiti here doesn’t carry the negatives it does in other cities — an eyesore to some — as it’s still quite rare. So rare, in fact, that many people still don’t know what graffiti is.

“Go until you hear yee ha!”

From the shade of a thatched roof, Ngoc Nguyen watches her two sons ride around the dusty enclosure. Clutching the reins, they follow instructions called out in a brisk British-accented clip.

Perhaps you’ve heard of GingerWork — the creative think tank behind events like Dichotomy, Carnival of the Dead or Wonderland. You might have run into Mark Harris, the distinctly ginger-haired founder, socialising or networking around town. Or maybe you’ve never heard of GingerWork. Perhaps it’s time, since GingerWork is one name to know in Hanoi right now.

Monday, 10 March 2014 21:01

A Life in the Arts

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Bui Suoi Hoa

When we think about artists, we typically imagine quirky individuals who fearlessly march to their own beats, immune to the stresses of the nine-to-five grind. They are introduced to us on magazine covers and at gallery openings.

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