Hidden away down a nondescript alleyway lies a more unusual addition to Hanoi’s shopping scene. Hai Vu heads out to the antique market. Photos by David Harris

Scenes from a TV movie portraying the life of the late Italian journalist and author Oriana Fallaci were recently filmed in Vietnam. Jon Aspin goes behind the scenes, deep into the Vietnamese jungle. Photos by Benedetta Brentan

The Swedish trio Postiljonen are anything but ordinary. Leaping into the live electronic scene in 2011, the band quickly moved from small club stages to major music festivals like Denmark's Roskilde Festival. With their dreamy electronic numbers described as "ethereal, other-worldly and entirely captivating", Postiljonen entranced Asian audiences during their 2013 tour. Now, they're back for a second round this year, touching down in Saigon on May 11 for a dreamy Sunday showcase alongside local band Space Panther and projection artist Crazy Monkey. Before they take the La Fenetre Soleil stage, Word gets a chance to chat with the Swedish dream-pop outfit.

After indulging in too many festive pleasures, Katie Jacobs decided that it was time to get fit again. For seven cold Hanoi days she tried a
different activity — a different day, a different type of exercise. Here’s what’s happened. Photos by David Harris

Whether you find yourself arguing with a xe om driver or the rooster outside your window won’t stop crowing, a spa day offers a rare chance for relaxation in the hectic Vietnamese capital. Elisabeth Rosen finds the best places for a few hours of tranquility: four spas, four different budgets, many different treatments. Photos by David Harris. Translation by Tran Phuong Dung

Too many of us tend to stay in District 1, Saigon South or An Phu. So what else is out there in Ho Chi Minh City? Heather Momyer gives the rundown on five places to visit in District 10. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Francis Xavier

The spiritual successor to the Madagui Trophy, the Ta Lai Trophy — Corporate Challenge aims to show city slickers the beauty of non-workplace competition. Ed Weinberg (words) and Kyle Phanroy (photos) went along for the ride

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