Silk Painting

Cristina Nualart digs into Vietnam’s rich artistic traditions, and the ways they continue to evolve. Photos by Alexandre Garel

The bowling alley at Vincom Royal City

Bowling alleys. The noise of balls rolling down the oiled wooden lane. The crash, as pins are scattered. The sound of arcade games played in the distance. And of course, loud pop music blaring over the speakers while shoes are rented, drinks are ordered and plates of fast food are devoured by kids at a birthday party.

The Okamotos at CAMA Festival 5

On Oct. 12, the American Club will once again play host to Hanoi’s annual music festival. So get those glad rags at the ready for the musical event of the year. Photos provided by CAMA

The Art of Bicycle Maintenance

Our resident bike man, Marc Forster-Pert, gives us some tips on basic repairs and bike maintenance. Translations by Hoa Le. Photos by Francis Roux

Vintage Appeal

“Looking at a Peugeot bike is just like contemplating Long Bien Bridge. The more you look at it, the more beautiful you realise it is,” says Cong while showing me his orange, 50-year-old bicycle. He’s a member of the Hanoi Vintage Bicycle Club, a group of 100 people who share his love for classic cycles.

La Salsa

“Wherever you go in whatever city, if you dance salsa, there’s a place for you. When expats dance salsa, they meet people.”

Within a mere three days of his January 2011 arrival, Gary Sanchez’s connection to Saigon’s salsa vibe took on the same playful give-and-take rhythm that makes the dance so enticing. It began with a random street date with two mysterious local ladies — drinking juice and goofing around on motorbikes. One of the girls just happened to be an enthusiast who was eager to share videos of her performances from La Salsa.

Pham Ngu Lao

Flashback to the 1990s and the focus of Saigon’s budget area was Pham Ngu Lao. Named after a 13th-century general who fought for the Tran Dynasty and repelled Mongol invaders from the north, as the 20th century came to a close his namesake street was now attracting foreigners of a different sort — backpackers.

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