The Bun Village

A visit to the capital’s artisanal noodle makers reveals a way of life that’s rapidly disappearing. Words by Elisabeth Rosen. Photos by Francis Roux

Air Quality

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks Vietnam as one of the 10 worst countries for air quality. Is this assessment correct? And how does Hanoi fare when it comes to the city’s air? Words by Katie Jacobs, photos by Thiep Nguyen

Hanoi Dragons

In early September a British Embassy-organised international rugby tournament will hit Hanoi. Drawing in teams from around the region, it will be the largest exhibition of rugby on Vietnamese soil to date. Words by Nick Ross. Photos provided by the Hanoi Dragons

The Ambassador

To follow is a tentative schedule for GREAT week. Times and venues will be announced closer to the date:

Pirate Bar

Ed Weinberg fancies himself a modern day Jack Sparrow, as he goes about captaining the Leaky Skull Tavern on its maiden voyage. Photos by Kyle Phanroy


Canada’s biggest indie successes of 2012 are coming to their namesake continent, and giving Seamus Butler’s fandom some new notches

Unidentified Floating Objects

Sculpture has long been the art form of the playful, and never more so than in the hands of Irish sculptor Donnacha Cahill. Douglas Pyper evaluates the mystery and enduring attraction of his work, Exploration III, which recently turned up in Hanoi’s West Lake.

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