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On Friday May 25, Everyone’s a DJ celebrates its fifth birthday party with a huge bash at Saigon’s Cargo Bar. A party night mash up of all things fantastic, to join in with the fun will be former Smiths bass player, Andy Rourke, as well as Dose’s very own Scrambled Edge and a veritable selection of local bands.


On the eve of the event, Word talks to Everyone’s A DJ co-founder Linh Phan aka Superkid about five years of being on the party scene.


How does it feel to have been doing Everyone’s a DJ for five years?


It feels fantastic! When I started, I never thought that we would be here five years later. It started out as just me and my party partner at the time, Tom Maresca, wanting to just play some good indie, indie electro, new wave and punk rock in a dark, dank bar or club and dance around with our friends and other like minded people. So to have it still kicking around half a decade later feels great.


What have been the highlights?

I would have to say this coming anniversary party. Other ones include last year’s four year anniversary party that we held at three different venues which included special guest Bottin. Our Voodoo Frank gig at La Fenetre was also a highlight, not only for us but for Voodoo Frank as well. He told us it was one of his top five gigs in 19 years of DJ-ing. And of course, being featured in Lonely Planet guide as one of the “hippest club nights in Ho Chi Minh City”.


And what have been the lows?

The constant struggle emotionally and financially to keep the parties going. It’s a lot of work and there have been times when no one shows up and you lose money and you think to yourself, what’s the point? Then someone comes up to you or you get an email that says, thanks for doing this. The show was so good and we need more stuff like this… And you think to yourself, yeah, this is why you do it.


Are you nervous about the anniversary show?

I’m a little nervous. Nervous that it’ll all run smoothly. That enough people will show up. That Andy will have a good time. That everyone will have a good time. It’s like that every time.

Previous EADJ parties

Everyone's a DJ at is most utilized home, La Fenetre Soleil


Putting on the rags

Putting on the glad rags


The crowd

Dance for your life


Tell us a bit about Andy Rourke. How has he got into DJing? What kind of tunes can we expect from him?

Andy Rourke was the legendary bass player in one of the most seminal and important bands in alternative music, The Smiths. They have influenced such bands as Oasis, Blur, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay and so many, many more. After the band broke up in the late 1980s, Andy played bass with other bands and artists including Morrissey, Sinead O’Conner and The Pretenders.


Since the 2000s Andy has been producing and DJ-ing around the world. He also has a weekly radio programme called Jetlag on the New York-based East Village Radio.


We can expect to hear a selection of indie, electro, 1960s tunes and much more. Will he drop some Smiths tracks in there? We’ll just have to wait and see.


How does it feel to have someone from The Smiths and of his fame playing at your fifth anniversary?

It has been emotionally overwhelming for me because it means so much. The Smiths was the band that got me through my adolescent years. It was the music that I turned to when I felt like no one else understood me. It was the music that I lay in bed listening to late into the night.


So yes, The Smiths played a huge role in defining and shaping who I am today. And here I am, bringing Andy Rourke over to play at one of my parties. This is a huge deal for me and it’s overwhelming but god damn fantastic!

The Smiths back in the 1980s

The Smiths

 Andy Rourke from The Smiths will be DJing at the party

Andy Rourke

What should the audience expect from the night?

Besides Andy we’ve got a stellar lineup for the night. Electronic / visual outfit Space Panther will be kick starting the night off. Following them will be 60s / 70s inspired rock’n’roll band The 67s and then Andy will hit the stage. Throughout the night we’ve got great DJs keeping us moving such as Scrambled Edge from dOSe, myself and DMN SLYR. Live visuals will be provided by Discocactus and the new VJ collective LAV Syndicate.


So yeah, it’s going to be one kick ass party!


Everyone’s a DJ fifth anniversary party will kick off at 9pm at Cargo Bar, 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Q4, Ho Chi Minh City. Entrance surcharge is VND250,000 in advance from VND300,000 on the door. Includes a free drink.


To see a filmed interview with Linh Phan aka Superkid, check out the video below:



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