The Swedish trio Postiljonen are anything but ordinary. Leaping into the live electronic scene in 2011, the band quickly moved from small club stages to major music festivals like Denmark's Roskilde Festival. With their dreamy electronic numbers described as "ethereal, other-worldly and entirely captivating", Postiljonen entranced Asian audiences during their 2013 tour. Now, they're back for a second round this year, touching down in Saigon on May 11 for a dreamy Sunday showcase alongside local band Space Panther and projection artist Crazy Monkey. Before they take the La Fenetre Soleil stage, Word gets a chance to chat with the Swedish dream-pop outfit.



You've described yourself before as "nostalgic daydreamers". What does that mean, and how does it affect the kind of music you make?

I think it's just from the fact that we almost exclusively draw inspiration from memories and feelings more than other music. When we're actively drawing inspiration from things, we like to have videos to make the tunes to. It can be movies or old clips/pictures we find in our phone that express the feeling we're after. Now when we're working on our second album it is so much more focused on that. We hardly listen to other music while working on our own, to keep our heads clean.


Since you formed, you've had a pretty unique sound that many describe as "dream pop". Whats influenced that kind of sound?

It was never our intention to write music in this or that genre, it basically just happened. We all come from quite different music backgrounds so I guess "dream pop" is some sort of mix of that. When we met, Daniel listened to a lot of pop and old time-y jazz, Mia (lead vocals) was into folk and RnB, while Joel swore to hip-hop. Now when we've known each other for a while, we're basically into the same music. 


You've been known to record in unlikely places (namely: the forest). What's the draw in recording music in such odd locations?

Yes, we've been in a cabin in the woods in northern Sweden a couple of times. And it's mainly to get away from all the stress that can be in a big city — to focus one hundred percent. And it's actually been more rewarding than we thought. 


You've played everything from small clubs to big stages like Roskilde Festival. For you, what's your favourite venue/environment to play?

Right now, it's preferably an indoor venue, because it feels more intimate than an outdoor venue. Even though outdoor venues always are very fun to play on, because it always summer and people are happy and so on, there's something about a semi-big stage indoors, where you can connect with the audience. It's the best feeling when you feel like you're playing with the audience and not for them, that you're doing this together. 


You toured through China in 2013, but you're already coming back for another round in the region. What keeps you coming back to Asia?

We feel very honored to be asked to come back to Asia. I think it's the whole experience we had last time, that we would love to come back again. We said yes right away. Today it's quite rare for Swedish bands or even European bands to come and play in Asia/China. We want to show other bands that the music scene in Asia can be as big as it is in Europe/US; it's epic.


Speaking of surprising destinations, we've gotten wind of you heading to North Korea after your show in Vietnam. How did that come about?

Yeah, it's exciting. We said yes right away when we got asked. It was our tour booker who asked us if we were up for it, and of course we were. Such a country, so closed and different from everything else. We're definitely looking forward to it. 


6. Your perfect show, in five words. Go!

Cute people dancing, much love. 


Postiljonen plays on Sunday, May 11 at La Fenetre Soleil, 44 Ly Tu Trong, alongside Space Panther and with live visuals from Crazy Monkey. Pre-sale tickets are available now. Visit the event page for more information on tickets and showtime, or get discounted tickets before the show at

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