Hidden away down a nondescript alleyway lies a more unusual addition to Hanoi’s shopping scene. Hai Vu heads out to the antique market. Photos by David Harris

The Swedish trio Postiljonen are anything but ordinary. Leaping into the live electronic scene in 2011, the band quickly moved from small club stages to major music festivals like Denmark's Roskilde Festival. With their dreamy electronic numbers described as "ethereal, other-worldly and entirely captivating", Postiljonen entranced Asian audiences during their 2013 tour. Now, they're back for a second round this year, touching down in Saigon on May 11 for a dreamy Sunday showcase alongside local band Space Panther and projection artist Crazy Monkey. Before they take the La Fenetre Soleil stage, Word gets a chance to chat with the Swedish dream-pop outfit.

On the back of the release of his book, Vietnam: A Mosaic of Contrasts, Word speaks to Hoi An-based photographer and restaurant owner, Réhahn Croquevielle

The painted names and tags around Ho Chi Minh City are not often the exciting, elaborate images that you see in other cities. But graffiti here doesn’t carry the negatives it does in other cities — an eyesore to some — as it’s still quite rare. So rare, in fact, that many people still don’t know what graffiti is.

Perhaps you’ve heard of GingerWork — the creative think tank behind events like Dichotomy, Carnival of the Dead or Wonderland. You might have run into Mark Harris, the distinctly ginger-haired founder, socialising or networking around town. Or maybe you’ve never heard of GingerWork. Perhaps it’s time, since GingerWork is one name to know in Hanoi right now.

The Cuban Brothers are coming to Ho Chi Minh City’s Q4 on Feb. 19, and the advance buzz is that this is one of the biggest pulls Q4 has garnered in a year of international coups, featuring the likes of The Cribs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Steve Aoki.


The Dodos live in Saigon

It’s just another day at Saigon Outcast, and something Saigon has never seen before is happening.


This time, it’s an artist cooking competition followed by a six-musician showcase. It’s called Super Blop, a collaborative extravaganza organised by the minds at institute of Lower Learning. It’s 2pm on a Saturday, and those tempted by offers of free food watch the assembled musicians, visual artists and community gardeners plate their entries.

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