The Falconry Encounter. Photo by Francis Xavier

Natalia Martinez meets the men who practice falconry. She is suitably impressed. Photos by Francis Xavier and Natalia Martinez


In situationist theory, psychogeography is the study of the geographical environment on people’s emotions and behaviour. But to certain sensitive artists, this influence is a two-way street

An exhibition at Goethe Insitut is putting the ao dai in the spotlight. In doing so it has created an enduring connection between past and present. Words by Katie Jacobs. Photos by Julie Vola

Though they often don’t last a week, Saigon Outcast’s artistic experiments are having a permanent effect. Words by Ed Weinberg. Photos provided by Linh Nguyen and the artists

From a 40-DJ festival in a national park to a week of top-flight indie acts, to Vietnam’s first comic con, festival chronicler Ed Weinberg has seen the future of the festival in Vietnam, and it is good. Photos by Francis Xavier and Ed Weinberg

When this music-dance-visuals collaboration enters its second life this year, it will be in the service of something greater than the sum of its parts.  Words by Ed Weinberg. Illustrations provided by Trung Hoang

In search of an authentic aura, Julie Vola searched high and low for Hanoi’s fabled secondhand furniture sellers, and soon found a whole stockpile of it

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