With multiple metro stations on the way and a developing road infrastructure, Thu Duc is closer than ever to Ho Chi Minh City. Harry Hodge and Amanda Saxton investigate a district on the rise. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Here today, gone tomorrow — it’s the story with so many of Vietnam’s local expat bands. But is Vietnam’s culture of transience that bad for local music? Words by Karen Hewell

Tran Minh Tam - Empress Nam Phuong 6 (2014)

Even though Vietnam has developed a market for contemporary art, domestic galleries continue to invest in expensive Hong Kong exhibition space to show Vietnamese artworks. Cristina Nualart asks why this is happening and if it’s a good thing. Photos provided by Galerie Quynh,
Craig Thomas Gallery and Suzanne Lecht

Hanoi is littered with museums, we just never hear about them all. Lucy Sexton visits three of the capital’s lesser-known tributes to the past. Photos by Julie Vola

Since the closure of Zone 9, the arts collective Workroom Four has been searching for a new space. Now it has one, with views to match. Words by Katie Jacobs. Photos by David Harris

Eye-candy female DJs are making a name for themselves in Vietnam. But what’s really talking? Is it the music or is it something else? Words by Nick Ross

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