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If you go to the Darts website, you’ll see some clever doodles over a variety of diverse content. Under “LIVE” there are two simple lines, one of which says, “Please spend a fun night in Ho Chi Minh City.” Another tab shows a skull-and-cross-darts (with a red circle above the eyes — dart wound?) next to the boldfaced words “I WANT YOU / professional darts player”. Requirement number three is “There are people who like darts, interesting”.

Beyond the Smog

The architect of the first private observatory in Vietnam, Astronomer Parag Mahajani tells us what’s beyond the gases, pollution and city lights. Words by Nick Ross

The Marriage of Convenient

Of all the countries celebrating four decades of diplomatic ties with Vietnam this year, Japan may be the most significant. Derek Milroy probes further into the reasons why Japan is so keen to have Vietnam as a staunch ally and vice versa


This month, Harry Hodge heads to District 2 and finds that, amid the palm trees and villas of Thao Dien, you can still test the limits of fitness in a number of different ways. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Francis Xavier

Beaten Space Probe

Tokyo-based boogie boy Beaten Space Probe has opened for big name DJs like Greg Wilson, Dicky Trisco, and Craig Smith, piloted his own BSP digital imprint and taken the disco-deviance world by storm. On Jun 22, Sound Adventures gets Saigon’s hips swinging to his throwback beats at Vasco’s (74/7D Hai Ba Trung, Q1). Word caught up with the man behind the music before the big night.


What’s so ‘Ultimate’ about the game of Frisbee? Harry Hodge gives the pastime a spin. Photos by Alexandre Garel

Road Trips

Pat Joynt of Saigon Scooter Centre has been in Vietnam for 15 years restoring classic bikes, importing and producing parts. Here he answers your questions

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