Photo by Julie Vola

Sue Fleming heads 20km out of Hanoi to Kim Lan and meets a self-taught village elder who has been instrumental in getting the village in touch with its past. Photos by Julie Vola. Translation by Nguyen Ha Linh

Hanoi city dwellers who don’t have space for gardening can now enjoy a different way of creating their own green worlds, through a class in terrarium making. Words by Hoa Le. Photos by Julie Vola

Jon Aspin gets in conversation with Saigon’s grillmaster, Gavin Crossley. Photos by Glen Riley

In the market for a suit, Niko Savvas gets fitted by one of Saigon’s true originals. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

A historian, writer, academic, cultural expert and activist, when it comes to English language interpretations of Vietnam and the war era, Lady Borton is a colossus. Katie Jacobs catches up with the author of After Sorrow at her home in Hanoi. Photo by Julie Vola

The woman behind Saigon Chamber Music, Tran Nguyet Sa is trying to create an environment that allows young Vietnamese classical musicians the opportunity to thrive. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

As the founders and driving forces behind Hanoi art space Manzi, Tram Vu and Bill Nguyen are helping to define Vietnamese art for a new generation. Words by Katie Jacobs. Photo by Nick Ross

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