When Linda (name changed) passed away, she left behind her an extraordinary life. Orphaned at 13, as an adult she qualified and worked as a social worker. Then she married, got divorced, dropped everything and became a lawyer.


But law didn’t suit her so she moved into acting and then stand-up comedy. After 15 years on the stage she made another change and became a medium. Later in life she took a CELTA course and became an English teacher, not before an attempt or five at writing a novel and learning to play the ukulele.


She showed that through drive, willpower and a determination to succeed, she was able to change. She wasn’t making small amendments to her life, but large-scale transformations that for better or worse made the impossible possible. Life for her was full of infinite possibilities.


She was and is an inspiration.


New Year’s resolutions are fine things. The concept tells us that in our lives there is always something that can be done better. But they are also there to be broken.


The stories in this series are of people who have made substantial life changes. Whether it’s a change in career, getting healthy or changing their lifestyle, these people have shown that resolutions are not there to be broken, but to be kept.


With the Western New Year followed closely by Tet, this is a time when people look back over the past 12 months and look forward. What was good, what can be done better, what dreams do we have for the future, how can we make these dreams happen?


We hope these stories inspire you to make positive change as much as they have inspired us.




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