Rowing on West Lake is no longer the reserve of the national team. David Mann dons a life jacket and meets the Hanoi Kayak Club. Photo by Julie Vola

Navigating the karsts of Halong Bay on pleasure cruises is an old tradition. If you look at it right, Katie Jacobs finds, not much has changed

Nick Ross ventures into the wetlands of Tra Su near the border with Cambodia, and discovers the vibrancy of nature in its most glorious form

Nick Ross spends two days edging down the Mekong River on a Chinese-style sampan — and lives to tell the otherworldly tale

Karen Hewell takes a speedboat trip down Saigon River and its many tributaries to discover a collection of underutilised waterways. Photos by Mads Monsen and Nick Ross

The former twin cities of Saigon and Cholon were originally built for boats. The traces of their waterways can still be felt in the metropolis of today. Words by Nick Ross

The Vietnamese people’s relationship to water and the trade they plied through it were critical to the development of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. But today it lacks the same significance. Words by Hoa Le

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