Until recently, musical styles from overseas were copied rather than developed, covered in their original form rather than moulded into the fabric of the music of Vietnam. Karaoke culture, it seemed, had more currency than original music.

A new generation of music recording hubs is taking over in Vietnam. Karen Hewell steps inside two of them to see how Vietnam’s new professional recording studios are changing the face of the country’s music industry. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Vietnamese pop is a recent phenomenon, yet its roots stretch back to the French era, when French lyrics were first translated into Vietnamese. Words by Hoa Le

How five English teachers playing guitar have had an effect on Hanoi’s music scene. Words by Elisabeth Rosen. Photo by Andy Crompton

On the eve of ASEAN economic integration, a rock festival demos one of the perks of coming together — more rock n’ roll. If an embassy and a music promoter can overcome their differences, why can’t everybody? Words by Aimee Millwood and Ed Weinberg. Photo provided by CAMA

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