The longest-running foreign restaurant in town, as Danang has changed, so has Le Bambino. Words and photo by Nick Ross

From educators to newspaper editors, six years in Danang have seen Carole Kendal and Ian Lister reinvent themselves. Words and photo by Nick Ross

The work of calligrapher Ho Cong Khanh is some of the most celebrated in the country, forgoing the clichéd lucky words in favour of preserving
Vietnam’s heritage and letting it spark a new beauty. Words by Ed Weinberg. Photos and translation by Nick Ross

Just so you never have to, Seamus Butler and Ed Weinberg took the 19-and-a-half-hour slow train down from Danang. Here they offer up some tips on the beautiful, difficult journey. Photos by Ed Weinberg

Even as Danang grows away from its origin waters, twice a day it will revert to the beach town it started life as. Words by Seamus Butler.
Photos by Nick Ross and Ed Weinberg

Forward-thinking, dynamic and yet without the rush of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Danang is a city on the make. Words by Matthew Edwards and Nick Ross. Photos by Nick Ross

There’s a downside to the speed and chaos of driving in this country, and three of our editors have felt it personally. These are their stories. Photo by Mads Monsen

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